Monday, March 19, 2012

This MMS was sent by MTN:

iMfolozi River flowing quite strong, but not near flooding. Again filled with the muck that glog up the Estuary.

Wish some one will come forward to set sand traps up stream where this soil erossion originates. So many people all along the river is responsiable for the suffering of one of the most important eco systems in kwaZulu Natal.

Maybe the ANC will grasp this job creation oppertunity and get down on the ground and do something about the problem.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

No more a cyclone but a Tropical Storm with heavy rain they say.

No more a cyclone but a Tropical Storm with heavy rain they say.

The forecast for 1400SAST on Saturday, 3 March 2012 is that the centre of the system will be situated just south of Inhambane (24.9S and 35.6E), gaining intensity to become a severe
tropical storm. Areas most likely to be affected will be Mozambique’s south-coastal and
neighbouring areas, e.g. Xai-Xai and Maputo, Swaziland, the north-eastern parts of KwaZulu- Natal, including Richards Bay (Umkhanyakude municipality) and Zululand Nongoma, Ulundi, UPhogolo (Pongola) municipalities).

The Mpumalanga lowveld is expected to receive heavy rain, brought about by the outskirts of
the system from Saturday afternoon, moving into Sunday.
The public is cautioned that all affected areas could experience possible flooding.
These conditions are expected to persist until Tuesday, 6 March 2012.

What common-sense precautions should I take?
Avoid crossing strongly-flowing / flooded rivers at causeways or drifts (this advice is
equally valid for pedestrians as well as motorists).
Dwellings very close to rivers or within floodplains should be evacuated timeously
(Farmers would be best advised to move river water 
pumps to higher ground).
Small to medium sized boats and fishing craft (operating along the coastline mentioned above) should return to port timeously.
Small fishing boats should be moved well above the normal high-water mark and firmly secured, as storm surge can be expected to raise local sea-levels by as much as 15 to 18 feet (3 to 6 m), particularly on the southern (poleward) side of the tropical storm.
The South African Weather Service will keep the public informed on any further developments.

Issued by: South African Weather Service (SAWS)
For technical weather-related enquiries contact:
For technical enquiries contact:
National Forecasting Center
Tel: 082 233 9800


Friday, March 02, 2012

A big storm is coming and severe weather...

A big storm is coming and                                           severe weather...
Petrus Viviers 9:48am Mar 2
A big storm is coming and severe weather conditions is predicted for Zululand areas. St Lucia as a few weaknesses.

Water Supply:
As long as the iMfolozi is in flood water cannot be produced. This can stop for up to 5 days at any given time.
Suggestion to stock up on drinking water for 3 days is a valid consideration.

One broken power line can have a black out for 1 day. Blown transformer up to 3 days depending on stock available in PMB.
Suggestion: Candles, Gas Lamps and Storm Lanterns for at least 3 days

Road access:
This is not major concern but in 1984 St Lucia was cut of from Mtubatuba for 3 days and Mtubatuba from the rest of the World for a little more. Back in those days 121 was still a functional air strip and Military base. Today this is questionable if food and supplies can be flown in via this base.
Suggestion: At least three days of meel, tin food and pastas should be on hand for all people under your roof during days following the storm.

Back then we did not have such a well stock Chemist. So this is no major concern.
Suggestion: Make sure you have your prescription medication that might run out before Wednesday. Get some extra antihestamine, some thing for tummy, vomiting and normal pain and fever medication. It is cheap but you should have it in your on site medical bag any way.

Other than this I am sure that our modern life style can survive a CAT1 Cyclone comfortably.

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In the distance the back actor has started with...

In the distance the back                                           actor has started...
Petrus Viviers 8:46am Mar 2
In the distance the back actor has started with the digging. Will be seeing water into the ailing marine nursery before the storm hits? Well what ever the case might be Zululand is in for a wet thundering wave bashing high seas weekend.

Photo: Berno Phillipson
Skipper Guide:

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Extremely uncomfortable and Heavy Rainfall

Petrus Viviers 2 March 05:57
4u2Stay - Storm Chaser

WeatherSA has still the same warning up for this angry lady.
Updated: 02/03/2012 05:01:19
Watch: Be prepared
Subject: Extremely uncomfortable and Heavy Rainfall
Detail: Valid for 02-03-2012: 1. Extremely uncomfortable, humid conditions are expected in the eastern parts of the province. ADVISORY: 2. Heavy rainfall ( > 50 to 100mm per day) is expected from Saturday over Northern Kwazulu-Natal continuing into Tuesday.
Predictions and Movement by other agencies has changed a little in intensity but path predictions and ETA remains the same.
She is moving southwestward at 13 knots per six hours. Although it is only two knots per hour it is quicker than Funso. She is gathering water while dragging her feet over the warm channel.
Her intensity has increased and she is now pushing a wave hight of about 6.5m. This motion will be sustained as annalist put land fall on Saturday in Southern Mozambique as CAT1 with high probability as low CAT2.
All indications is that this would be the dame the brings relieve to dire needs of a suffer Wetlands system in the Northern regions of kwaZulu Natal.
Please be save people it is a lot of rain and wind but devastation is hopefully to drought and not to human lives. Nature truly needs this one in our area.

Keeping an eye on the weather in anticipation for the Estuary Mouth at St Lucia to open.

4u2Stay - Let Your Holiday Find You
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Thursday, March 01, 2012

iSimagaliso Wetland Park openings its doors to the public

Communicating with iSimangaliso Wetlands Park Authority has become a
breeze. It is clear that this open line of communication is 11 years to
late. This alone spells the end to the draconian iron rule that was
excreted over the park and the people that so much loves it. We can now
start working towards a future for our Heritage. Wow I see great things
coming for the area ... good bye to the old ... Welcome to a new dynamic
approach to public participation management.