Friday, March 02, 2012

Extremely uncomfortable and Heavy Rainfall

Petrus Viviers 2 March 05:57
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WeatherSA has still the same warning up for this angry lady.
Updated: 02/03/2012 05:01:19
Watch: Be prepared
Subject: Extremely uncomfortable and Heavy Rainfall
Detail: Valid for 02-03-2012: 1. Extremely uncomfortable, humid conditions are expected in the eastern parts of the province. ADVISORY: 2. Heavy rainfall ( > 50 to 100mm per day) is expected from Saturday over Northern Kwazulu-Natal continuing into Tuesday.
Predictions and Movement by other agencies has changed a little in intensity but path predictions and ETA remains the same.
She is moving southwestward at 13 knots per six hours. Although it is only two knots per hour it is quicker than Funso. She is gathering water while dragging her feet over the warm channel.
Her intensity has increased and she is now pushing a wave hight of about 6.5m. This motion will be sustained as annalist put land fall on Saturday in Southern Mozambique as CAT1 with high probability as low CAT2.
All indications is that this would be the dame the brings relieve to dire needs of a suffer Wetlands system in the Northern regions of kwaZulu Natal.
Please be save people it is a lot of rain and wind but devastation is hopefully to drought and not to human lives. Nature truly needs this one in our area.

Keeping an eye on the weather in anticipation for the Estuary Mouth at St Lucia to open.

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