Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why we need to take part in Public Participation

Was in St Lucia on Thursday. Working the floor of the supermarket got to
deal hands on with some customers from the out lying rural areas. Since
I know how these people suffer since the 4x4 ban I have sympathy with
their struggle to make ends meet.

Yet the fact they they have to rely on natural resources and government
grants makes me nervous in how to deal with the matter at hand. With the
current flow of the combined iMfolozi and St Lucia Estuary the water is
land locked for a longer period of time.

Water levels and flow channels are now pushing far inland carrying
trapped marine species all the way in to the rural areas. This would not
have happened if tidal movement was regular these species would not have
had the time nor the reason to move in land.

The demand for equipment to poach these species has risen. Since I am
the primary buyer of fishing tackle with a clear understanding how legal
equipment can be extensively used to poach on a massive scale I am in
personal conflict.

We are in dire need to make sales to turn a profit to pay the very
expensive rates and taxes ass well as the inflated Eskom bill, but as a
conservationist I am reluctant to distribute equipment that I am aware
that will contribute to the total destruction of a fragile specie.

Since various of these activities has been reported to relevant
authorities with now feed back to the public we understand it is about
feeding a nation, but understanding sustainable utilisation one
understand that these resources can be managed better for the benefit of
struggling communities.


Open the Estuary ...
Open the Beaches for 4x4 access ...

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