Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Scouring Effect

Richards Bay Harbor:
The Scouring effect:

When one have to keep a harbor mouth constantly open it is always good to see and learn from Nature. Nature uses a scouring effect to keep Estuaries, River Mouth's and Tidal Pools open.

With Poor Farming Practices and this includes Rural and un Developed land owned by the Government contributes to the clogging up of these Marine Nurseries and Natural Protected areas.

In Nature Tidal movement over Spring Tides Especially over the Equinox twice a year and storm surges over the stormy seasons to perform the scouring actions.

Scouring is the hydraulic effect water has on the sediment built up in the ocean and along rocky shores, estuary mouths and river mouths. Scouring is the digging out and washing away of sediment leaving a deep pool behind.

Souring is needed in Rock Pools and Reefs to keep it clear of sediment built up and clogging up of these natural hide aways for small rock fishes and crestatian life forms.

With this established it seems that only nature that can pay for it self has a right to existence. Such as Sugar Cane Farming and Man Made Harbors. As soon as we start Game Farming or Fishing we are hindered by the emotional out cry of uneducated people.

Richards Bay harbor uses scouring effect to its advantage through various drainage and tidal channels. To keep the harbor operational they also use hard mouth development as swell as dredging.

Scouring is by far the most natuaral way to manage sediment build up in any waer body or natural estuary or river mouth.

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