Thursday, June 05, 2014

When flash emotions spark lingering decisions.

Beach Driving vs Mining

Back in the day when it was a status symbol to get emotional about beach driving all pointers showed to a total collapse of a very fragile economy in one of South Africa's poorest human settlements.

These subsistence farmers stretching from nKodibe to Mfekayi had no say in the matter whether the Recreational use of beaches by RUV's had any impact on their life style.

Yet since the great eradication program to curb Stetsi Fly and the Ngana Disease has left a once prospering community in total tatters and 7 generations later they still battle to recuperate the sacrifices made to establish this Wilderness Area.

Now finally with a light at the end off the tunnel once again the Colonialist jump up and take from them what is rightfully theirs.

I (Petrus Viviers) say hell no!! Let these people be. Emotional Vampires has sucked generations worth of live blood from these poor and for ever suffering people.

Let them mine their property or buy it out at nett turn over value plus inflation over the expected life time of the proposed project. It is bullshit that these people loose another inch of what is rightfully theirs.

Call me names if you want to but ignorance is no excuse. The bullies opposing this mining project has no respect for the truth and the Historical Events up to date.


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