Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Thousands of Tons into the abyss


This is the excuse we use to over utilize sensitive habitats and exploit nature for our own personal gain.

Filling up the Wetlands with road fill has only one outcome. Clocking up the very delicate interaction of Peat Moss, natures filtration system.

Seeinging humans pissing away their live and wrecking their kidneys one can under stand that they have no grasp of The Need for Kidneys on Earth

There is no out come that can warrent all this tons of road topping introduced into the Wetlands.

Any way I can only see great men's work been undone and the Heritage They planned to leave to their Grand Children.

How one man can not live out the dreams of The Great Three who so pain stakingly planned and through years of hard work and negotiations formed this lovely majestic Park is a question that remains to be asked in public.

Petrus Viviers
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