Friday, October 23, 2015

St Lucia Estuary Demonia 1984

When all human infra structures failed at once when 600mm Rain fell in The Catchment Area's of Five main arteries feeding the system used to be called The Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park.

This one event impacted the face of the Five Interlocking Eco Systems for ever and wiped the balance man brought to the imbalance of flood plain farming out in one swift blow.

A serious of man made dams burst at once unleashed millions of cubic meters of water to The St Lucia Estuary all at once.

Will this phenomenon ever repeat it self again. Well 1987 it did, but the impact was not as enormous as 1984 because the Five Main Arteries had no obstructions and the water could flow freely back into the ocean.

Check Previous Entry to see wat was destroyed over night. One quick sweep.

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