Friday, October 23, 2015

St Lucia Estuary Mouth pre 1984

St Lucia Estuary Mouth when there was a healthy balance between sediment build up and Tidal Scouring.

This is the time when the oyster bank at Honey Moon Bend was still alive and healthy. The Fishing hole in front of the islands was more than 11m deep and The Resident Brindle Bass (Garoupa) was not taking a mud bath.

Fishing was Good yes, but more important the Eco System was healthy. Functional and fish could spawn and small fry lived amongst the Mangrove Roots while they grew through puberty to full sexuality.

Many will call this the Good Old Days.

Then in 1984 The Tropical Storm Demoina changed the face and the health of the system for generations to come.

Hard Surface development to control sediment build up is not so much invasive as hard surface roads, hides and 5 Star Lodges.

Hope the balance is restored sooner than later.

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