Saturday, October 24, 2015

St Lucia Estuary Then and Now

In this picture the deterioration of the Estuary is clear. The picture above is a healthy System more than 20 years ago when human interference balanced the impact of sediment build up due to human manipulation of The Flood Plains in the catchment areas and The Dredging of this sediment in The Estuary System.

The Flood Plains is farmed and drained not functioning at the moment. This leads to the rapid increase of sediment built up in The Estuary system. The last 15 Years, Since World Heritage Site Status, this practice was abolished and The Greater St Lucia Lake System has died a slow death.

Development of infrastructure, that futher destroys Natural Habitat, was fast tracked while the imprtance of Estuary maintanance was neclected.

The drought is mainly blamed for this, but ocean water is absent in The Estuary thus meaning the drought could have been fought of by balancing water levels with fresh nutriant ocean water filled with life giving organisms.

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