Monday, November 16, 2015

Even with Big Smiles The summer looks bleak

iMfolozi River
Current Conditions
16 November 2015

Does not matter how many times you tweet your jubilation at night it won't change the fact that certain areas need to get rain to make a diffrance.

No Rain Reported in

This means neither the iMfolozi, Hluhluwe or Mkuzi Rivers will offer much relieve to the badly stricken man made disaster that over run St Lucia Estuary.

Two weeks ago exposed mud banks was claimed to be the results of wind direction change in the lower parts of the Estuary.

Sadly the wind changed back and there was just not enough water to return to the Southern Regions of the Estuary.

Mud build up is due to POOR MAINTANCE of the system. This is a failure than can only be contributed to failure of an active management plan to avert such disaster.

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