Wednesday, November 04, 2015

No Water St Lucia

04 November 2015
Boat Cruises Future in The Balance

Not only have the main water supply to the small Town Called St Lucia Estuary been damaged again. The Estuary is about to dry up.

Severe drought may be the major cause of this disaster, but neglecting a tried and tested management plan had a far more severe impact than nature can handle.

With winds blowing in the excess of 100km hour in a northerly direction all the water was blown North.

This is not an extraordinary phenomenon since wind direction has always played a major role in tidal movement in the Estuary and can make a difference in water level between North and South of up to 900mm.

Now let us face it if this is left after a difference off 900mm The Estuary had no water to begin with.

Some of the water has found its way back to the Southern regions but unfortunately the Northern Regions was so water starved that many millimeters of water stayed behind in the nooks and crevasses.

Whether the main artery of the Tourist Industry will be functional before the next flood remains to be seen.

The only attraction left now is the beach.

Large establishments will feel this pinch hardest. Domestic touris market are far more robust to these type of disasters than The Up market "Eco Tourist."

iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority and its management team will be forced to look at a wider scope of user groups if they want to keep the Park sustainable.

It is fast loosing all its glammer

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