Thursday, November 19, 2015

St Lucia Needs Dash of Salt

St Lucia Estuary
iSimangaliso Wetlands Park
Current Conditions
19 November 2015

An Estuary is a body of water influenced by the Tidal movement of the ocean.

It is in these tidal zones where various species of Mangrove Swamps can be found. These Mangrove Forests has an air root system that is nursery to millions of microscopic life forms in the making.

Without functioning Estuaries The World has no reproduction system for Phytoplankton. Potato Bass Hatcheries will be non existent. Prawn and Crayfish Larvae can't hatch.

For The laymen. THE PLANET WILL DIE without functioning Estuaries.

St Lucia Estuary is a interracial part of The Greater St Lucia Lake and Wetland System of 36 000ha. Now dysfunctional for 15 years and counting.

St Lucia must be saved.
St Lucia needs a working and proactive functional management plan. URGENTLY!!

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