Friday, December 18, 2015

Farmers Vs Authority

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park
18 December 2015

Stand Off Between Farmers and Authority

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park Authority is adamant to feed more mud infused water into the Estuary system. UCOSP has the farmers intrest at hart.

As soon as the River reaches a certain level Farms dating back to 1938 is flooded and their rights to land ownership and livelyhood is being threatened.

Up until know the public has not taken much interest into the matter because they have been brain washed by the mass media that a Farmer a a fat kaki clad white man with his/her roots and riches well founded in the Apartheid era, but... Yes their is a but. One of the farms is owned by a well know and prominent black person.

It is like sacking David Van Rooyen because he had the wrong name. Ironically racism is biting The Black Man in the arse once more.

Any way Cot Cane is flooded and UCOSP has won a Court Order to safe the farm.

Since iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority has abandoned The 1958 management plan and against better judgment feeding toxic mud infused water into St Lucia Estuary is like feeding a Coke Addict a Goog Large Dose of Heroin through an IV.

For some reason the park Authority has thrown $9 000 000.00 and €7 000 000.00 at the problem over the past 15 years with no solution yet. They have reached some sort of emergency plan in 2012, but 3 years later have not implemented it yet.

I don't think the current custodians of The World Heritage Site realize the magnitude of their responsibility. For some reason they are winging the management with one excuse after the next excuse followed by the next excuse.
We need UNISCO to send competent people who understand the complexity of the situation to intervene. We are far beyond blame shifting and name calling.

This is now a matter of International Importance.

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