Saturday, December 31, 2016

Cape Vidal Beach 31 December 2016

What a lovely day at Cape Vidal. High tide not much swimming to do, but the water looks lovely and people are sucking up there vitamin Sea. Although I see a few rods at the Cazibos no one is actually fishing. Wind is moderately North Easterly and the side wash looks devistating.

Drive here did not produce many Game sightings, but saw some Kudu, Baboons and Water Buck. One Blue Wildebeest and evidence of the Elephant on the road.

Richars Baai Vakansie Gids - Deel 1

Richards Baai

Kwa Zulu Natal 

Kersfees 2016

Kom stap saam met my deur Richards Baai en kyk wat gebeur die vakansie in die pragtige vakansiebestemming. Wat is daar om te doen en hoe om daar by uit te kom. Waar is al die weg steek plekke en die geheime hengel hoekies. Dit word op Toergids styl gedoen. Ek oefen nog om n aanbieder te wees. 

In Richards Baai is alles naby. Dinge word ontwikkel om die hengelaar en sy gaste te akkomodeer. Selfs Durban is om die draai. 

Vir Akkommodasie

Vir Hengel Wenke

Friday, December 30, 2016

Main Beach Road - Not Bus Friendly

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

Andrew Zaloumis

We Will No Longer be Bullied

Since Andrew comes to public participation meetings to bully the ladies and fragile we will no longer tolerate it. This medium will now be used to exposed the Hubrist Management Style that has taken away from the people and given to one man and his quest to become famous. Unfortunately fame doesn't come with out hard work.  

I am Petrus Viviers and do not seek fame. I only seek that the World Heritage Act of 1999 be implemented and that we, the public, can enjoy and benefit from this lovely park that we all love so much, 

Video Channel

Petrus Viviers

If You believe in my work and want to contribute. All donations is for the benefit of Petrus Viviers and can be used at his discretion. 


Friday, December 23, 2016

Unthankful Angler - WhatsApp


Have never meet another human as unthankful as this one guy bashing my WhatsApp yesterday with criticism because he cannot find "enough relevant" information about Fishing the beaches of St Lucia Estuary...

Well you get what you pay for. With my limited budget this is the best I can do. Yes maybe my focus is not on one place ... maybe it is all over the show ... because the World have not decided where they want to read their next fishing report.

Let us look at what it cost to load one post per week.

Driving down to the beach ....
Walking on the 3 beaches.
Not being on time for Work.
Driving between three beaches
Listing sorting the pictures/videos
Driving Back to Work

a Round trip from home to report and back home is just on 300km/week

Loading them onto various places so the 12 people interested in fishing a specific point in time accidently run into a fishing report that is relevant for him at the mind set he wants information in.

Then if it is not structured in a way he wants his fantasy world to play out all of a sudden he/she press skip or close the page/video down.

So I ask who pays for this R680.00 + R1200.00 = R1880.00 expenses just to collect the material he wants before time spend in organising it into a report?

Petrus Viviers

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Safe Our Estuary

St Lucia Estuary 

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

I have now turned my full attention in using a petition to remove Andrew Zaloumis as iSimangaliso Wetlands Park C.E.O. This might sound very ambitious to you, but if you don't understand the urgency then don't take part in the drive. I have two months to reach my goal. Either you with me or you will be part of the problem. Failing YOUR Children and Their Planet.

Andrew Zaloumis must step down.

  • His Apathetic approach to Conservation has destroyed all Marine Life in St Lucia Estuary.
  • Has removed the Natural dune forest barrier between St Lucia Estuary's Light Pollution and The Turtle Beaches.
  • Is running a mining style operation during Turtle Breeding Season over previously recorded successful Leather Back Nesting Sites.
  • He has proven in his own E.I.A that he has deliberately changed the natural ebb and flow of St Lucia Estuary.  
  • This man's Hubristic approach to Social Structures has brought conflict between Neighbors and heightening Racial Tensions that was already removed back in 1996.
If you ignore this petition you relinquish your rights to part take in any conservation effort to safe the Rhino, Fight Global Warming or Safe The Turtle Beaches of iSimangaliso Coast. The fact that you do not see the urgency merely exclaims your ignorance as a care giver to planet earth and all it's resources.

Thank You

Petrus Viviers

Please Sign 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

St Lucia Estuary - The Morning After

St Lucia Estuary 

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

Many St Lucia residents are up in arms this time of the year, but since we are amongst the longest residing families in town we have grown accustomed to the festivities around these holidays. For as long as I can remember this happens on a nice sunny day.
The introduction of iSimangaliso Authority's booze control points only force the people back into the main Street and residential area. St Lucia has been and will always be part of Zululand. We welcome our neighbours and wish them a happy festive season.
We however ask that please use the dustbins and not the road and parking surfaces to dispose of your glass bottles ...
Any way your support is much appreciated and we ask you to come again. Remember to consume alcohol responsibly.
All the best for the rest....

Friday, December 02, 2016

Dinosaurs, a Fishy Tale

Most likely the most unusual animal found in the ocean at St. Lucia.

In 1984 I found myself in East London, South Africa, a small city with not much going on. Museums are interesting to me, especially the Natural History section and for a small place East London has an excellent one.

There I found out about and saw a stuffed  dinosaur fish, the Coelacanth. Scientist though that it had gone extinct along with the other dinosaurs 65 million years back. But then on 23 December 1938, the first Latimeria specimen was found off the east coast of South Africa. A Rhodes University ichthyologist, J.L.B. Smith, confirmed the fish’s importance with a famous cable: “MOST IMPORTANT PRESERVE SKELETON AND GILLS = FISH DESCRIBED”.

No internet in 1984.

This is the Coelacanth preserved and on view at the East London Museum. Photo courtesy of

The first recorded Coelacanth fossil, found in Australia, was of a jaw that dated back 360 million years, the fossil record is unique because Coelacanth fossils were found 100 years before the first live specimen was identified.
Ironically, the dinosaur fish is at risk of becoming, really extinct this time.  Fishermen sometimes snag a Coelacanth instead of an oilfish because they traditionally fish at night, when oilfish and Coelacanths feed. Before scientists became interested in Coelacanths, they were thrown back into the water if caught. They are no good for eating apparently. Now that there is an interest in them, fishermen trade them in to scientists or other officials once they have been caught. So the very people that should want to preserve the species is the biggest threat to this dinosaur fish.

Of Interest

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Niume seems to be the best microblogging platform available at present, why not give them a try?

Short Story.
The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief I – Angola

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Heavy Duty Mining Equipment at Estuary Beach

| 4u2Stay | St Lucia Estuary | Fishing Report SA | The Mexican

Now the plan is to move it whole sale style. All the sediment since 1958 right to the entry of the Estuary that we need to be open. One of these days it is going to a mining dump. Not long any more. One big mess. 16 years and counting.

For Africa
Petrus Viviers
083 584 7473

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Mexican Horse Thief: Rhino Wars – On Causes

The Mexican Horse Thief: Rhino Wars – On Causes: The original post was written by myself in 2014, One Man's Opinion blog but people said tha the ANC would not be involved in the Rhino k...

St Lucia Estuary - 14 November 2016

St Lucia Estuary 
Sunset Jetty
iSimangaliso Wetland Park

For those who remember the small boat Jetty where the rentals departed from will know that the water was deep enough for boats to traverse both sides of the Jetty. 16 years later these fresh water reeds has invaded the Estuary banks to such an extend they have become their own little habitats.

Any way these photos not only proofs the water level is extremely high, but that sediment build up is cementing the facelift of this fragile, once world class, system.  The sediment deposits from the five major rivers and pushing in from the ocean needs to be managed. People who says nature must see to it self has no real interest in Conservation and has no respect for humanity on earth.

The problem created by humans is on a scale far exceeding the ability for natural solutions. By avoiding this we are merely contributing to the problem. This system must function and it is not something we can joke about. It is a serious problem and needs people to seriously attend to it.

While this fiasco os taken place major behind the scene surgical environmental alterations is taken place on the Eastern Shores as heavy duty equipment is moved in to increase human habitation in the fragile wetlands system.
Hard surface development altering the dynamics with out public participation.

    Petrus Viviers

Saturday, November 12, 2016

St Lucia Estuary 11/11/2016

Photo: Burt Van Heerden

First things first. St Lucia Estuary mouth is still not open. Water levels is way above high water mark and probably 100,℅ Fresh.

This is the view this morning at the boat launch site. 12 months ago today the Estuary was bone dry. All the fish in the upper regions where lost. This happens in the wake of an active management plan.

Human interference can no longer be ignored. We need to manage our impact on earth.

    Petrus Viviers

Thursday, November 10, 2016

St Lucia Estuary - iMfolozi River in Flood

St Lucia Org Za

photo taken: 10/11/2016

The iMfolozi River came down quiet extensively. Water levels in the Estuary has risen way above high water mark. This is in a way good news. Unfortunately the dynamics in management has change so much that a breach prediction at this stage is a mere speculation.

In the absence of utilizing the scouring effect I personally believe the pressure will not rise enough to breach. The water surface is large, but the volume is not significant due to shallow silted up scenario. 

If the sediment trap in front of the Ski Boat Club was maintained and the back channels and their sediment traps was maintained we might have a built up to the extend where we could have a breach ... now I think the water will merely percolate into the ocean on spring tide low. 

My humble opinion....

McKenzi Street
St Lucia

Monday, October 31, 2016

St Lucia Estuary - 31 October 2016

Fishing Report South Africa

St Lucia Estuary

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

Although a storm at sea delivered loads of Poseidon Lawn on the beaches side wash is of very little or no concern currently. If prevailing winds do whisk up a side wash then best avoid high tide fishing. Hit it hard on low tide and make the best of it. While the wind is absent ... don't talk just fish.

Best Fishing Spots
Estuary Beach - Around the pipe
Jabula Beach
North of Main Beach

Targeted Species
Natal Stumpies
Wave Garrick

Wrapped Sardine. Choka or Tugela Squid
Any Live Baits
Sea Lice

    Petrus Viviers

Monday, October 17, 2016

32 Kg Salmon - St Lucia Estuary Beach

St Lucia Estuary 

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

Andrew Zaloumis
(Must Read Part I)
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V |

Fishing Report SA
St Lucia Estuary
iSimangaliso Wetlands Park
17 October 2016

Benton Davies caught this beautiful fish last night at Estuary Beach. He had two rods out with Anchovy from Snoekies on each. On his first run he lost the hook. While he was busy baiting up again his second rod got going. Straight out to the ocean.

His first thought was that it might be a skate, but after a while he landed this pride and joy. No he did not release it. This one was hooked and cooked.

Enjoy your meals Ben. Great stop over.
    Petrus Viviers
    083 584 7473

Sunday, October 09, 2016

St Lucia Estuary Current Conditions

St Lucia Estuary 

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

Andrew Zaloumis
(Must Read Part I)
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V |

With excellent rain and ocean breach the Estuary's water level looks much more promising. Bird life in abundance and hippo roaming the channels they carve along the bottom... Crocodiles awakening from their winter slumber.. what more can a nature lover ask.

Current Conditions is not good for Rock and Surf fishing yet, but this week deep sea angler's may have some fun with the break in the weather. Grunter should be active along the Estuary beach up to Jabula beach. Bait recommend is thin strips of Sardine fillet with or without Tugela Squid Wrap.
Moz Sardine is enjoying much attention from the anglers at the moment.

All and all October and November 2016 looks like St Lucia has much to offer.
December people should avoid coastal regions between 25 December and 02 January. Just to crowded. Enjoy your holiday before the rush.
Petrus Viviers

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

St Lucia - Ocean washing into Estuary.

St Lucia Estuary 

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

Andrew Zaloumis
(Must Read Part I)
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V |

South Africa
As we approach Equinox the Ocean is pounding the beaches of Southern Africa's Eastern Seaboard. The photos was taken on low tide to see what the hype is about.
The past two days over High Tide the ocean spilled into The Estuary bringing life giving brine to a starving system. Flushed with fresh water the past sixteen years and totally silted up... Nature is breathing life into an ailing system.
Sadly very few scientist adhere to this death call of Nature. Amazing every Country in the World Seeks solutions to Global warming, but in South Africa, the most important life support system on earth, is milked for sympathy donations.
Bierpens Viviers

iMfolozi River - Current Conditions

St Lucia Estuary
Fishing Report SA

The thick muddy slurry is making it's way down to St Lucia Estuary. Luckily it is slow flowing and result will have some of the sediment settling down before it reaches the ocean or in this case St Lucia Estuary.

The ocean is very taxing at the moment and for two days Ski Boat fishing has been stranded. With the high seas come strong side wash and anglers are complaining about strong side wash. The real life hack is to fish on low tide with high seas pushing hard.

The upside is The Estuary has received some much needed ocean water washing in. Unfortunately from email one cannot link to outside post, but the short and the long is an Estuary is the most important live support system on earth.

This ocean water washing into the Estuary is rich in Plankton that will spawn millions of food chain live giving organisms. This will lead to great improvement of fishing in the Estuary over the next few weeks.


Petrus Viviers

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The Mexican Horse Thief: The Green Heron - Photographs

 Although the photographs were not taken in St. Lucia, there are many of these birds in that area.

The Mexican Horse Thief: The Green Heron - Photographs: From a distance, the Green Heron is a dark, stocky bird hunched on slender yellow legs at the water’s edge, often hidden behind a tangle ...

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Real Life Hero - R.I.P Uncle D

Rest In Peace
Real Life Hero
Uncle D

Uncle D was a Firefighter. Got seriously injured on duty many years ago and suffered the pain and agony with a smile in his remaining years.

I met him as a friend through a very close fishing buddy. It was his Dad, but Uncle D was one of us from the start. He never had old people's syndrome. Always willing to teach through questions and answers. Always had a magnitude of knowledge to share.

Many people pass over. This month alone I lost two mentors. Both hit me hard because as the previous mentor he passed while in What's App Conversation with me at the time.

Uncle D was still exclaiming his last wish to see the ocean. He was very passionate about conservation and fishing. He was disappointed in the National Beach Driving Ban and the effect it had on old and people with limited mobility.

The very conversation he never replied to was about his wish the#BeachBanMustFall. I was awaiting his answer... But nothing... Then within the same 30 minutes my phone rang. It was Donovan... His dad has passed.

Uncle D my your eternal life filled with lovely sunrises and long walks on the beach. May the soothing sound of breaking waves be your companion in the hereafter.

In real life Uncle D was a Hero. In his retirement he was an angel to many. God needed him on an important mission elsewhere.

We will miss you Uncle D...

For Africa
083 584 7473

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Importance of a Working Estuarine

Research Tool Google
Done by Petrus Viviers

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park
World Heritage Site
South Africa

We are fighting a lost cause against Global Warming if our World Heritage Sites is Raped for Money. Preservation is not Conservation it is only a fancy word for Rich man's playground.

Phytoplankton: (Wikipedia)

Phytoplankton absorb energy from the Sun and nutrients from the water to produce their own food. In
 the process of 
photosynthesis, phytoplankton release molecular oxygen (O2) into the water. It is estimated that between 50% and
85% of the world's oxygen  is 
produced via phytoplankton photosynthesis.[15][16]
The rest is produced via photosynthesis on land by 
plants.[16] Furthermore,
phytoplankton photosynthesis has controlled the atmospheric 
CO 2/2 balance
since the early Precambrian Eon.[17] (See Biological pump.)

Phytoplankton primary production in the world’s estuarine-coastal ecosystems 
J. E. Cloern1 , S. Q. Foster1,*, and A. E. Kleckner1 1US Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California, USA *now at: Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Estuaries are biogeochemical hot spots because they receive large inputs of nutrients and organic carbon from land and oceans to support high rates of metabolism and primary production. We synthesize published rates of annual phytoplankton primary production (APPP) in marine ecosystems influenced by connectivity to land – estuaries, bays, lagoons, fjords and inland seas

Short Story

Self Description
Petrus Viviers
I was basically dyslexic on school and suffered because of reading and writing abilities. This has its advantages because the defect comes with an almost photographic memory. Basically I was one of the condoned students at school and this gave me a below average matric which did not allow much opportunities for higher education. With a drive to be the best at anything it was important to watch videos or listen when people speak. During 1996 and 2000 I was a tour guide in St Lucia.
With the stakes being high in the competition and no formal training I subjected myself to the knowledge of Tourist on my tours. One day a very friendly elderly lady sat me down on the rocks at Cape Vidal and explained to me the building blocks of Carbonated Sand stone Rocks.'
From there the expertise to consider my knowledge us relevant and with these references I intent to make waves.

The point is if a substandard education like mine can see through the bullshit of iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority ... the question is where is the brains of the people following the unplanned no public participation meetings that has destroyed our fragile ecosystem?

If an Estuary is considered as Earth's most important life sustaining system on earth why does St Lucia Estuary non functional over 16 years while climate change is a concern that keeps World Leaders awake at night.

Dr. Andrew Venter... you should have taken notes the day I was accusing you of cheering for Mammon... I told you it will go down in history books that you single handedly killed all the Mangrove Swamps of St Lucia Estuary. Well here it is. Filed for prosperity.

Also explained here - Estuary 101 for middle school

Tourism industry urged to cater for people with disabilities

Pretoria - Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom says the tourism industry must become fully adapted to catering for people with disabilities.

He said there is an urgent need to provide accessible airport transfers, wheelchair-adapted vehicles and appropriately designed streets and pavements to accommodate people with disabilities.

"Hotel rooms, restaurants and other facilities must cater to the needs of the blind, the deaf and people with physical disabilities," he said.

Addressing a public lecture in Bloemfontein on Monday during Tourism Month, Minister Hanekom said the overall challenge is to provide for the specific needs of domestic and international tourists with disabilities.

"We want all our people and our tourists to have equal access to our attractions and facilities. We also want them to enjoy the dignity they deserve, so they are not kept from enjoying the things that most of us take for granted," the Minister said.

Minister Hanekom said his department and SA Tourism (SAT) are working hard on promoting domestic tourism. SAT has been allocated just over R100 million a year for the next few years, specifically for domestic tourism.

"Our overall challenge is to provide for the specific needs of domestic and international tourists living with disabilities. Facilities in public places, like washrooms and waiting areas at bus stations, should be designed for universal accessibility," the minister said. 

Minister Hanekom said his department has surveyed provincial Tourism Departments and government-owned provincial parks and found a lack of technical knowledge on what needs to be done to achieve compliance.

"More training is required to enable staff to serve people with special needs. South Africa will become even more competitive as a barrier-free global destination when our infrastructure, facilities and attractions are suitable for use by all tourists.

"The biggest opportunity of all is to make a positive difference in the life of that one person who will now have access to a place they could not visit before, to expand their experiences and open up their lives in fresh and exciting ways," Minister Hanekom said.

Minister Hanekom said many South African establishments demonstrate excellent compliance with universal access principles.

Most SANParks camps provide ramped access and many have accessible ablution facilities with selected accommodation units that have been adapted for use by tourists who have mobility or visual impairments.

The Department of Tourism has also engaged Blind SA, Deaf SA, the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa and the South African Disability Alliance to improve access for local and international tourists. –

For Africa
083 584 7473

How Safe is St Lucia

St Lucia Estuary Safety and Security

St Lucia Estuary as a town is very secure. It has one entrance and the same road is an exit. There is 24/7 Security Patrols inside the residential and commercial area conducted by three independent Security Companies. Both the Main Beach and Estuary Beach has day time employed Security Guards. Most of the shops has security guards at the door with panic buttons linked to professional armed reaction services. St Lucia also has a satellite Police Station that is manned with trained SAPS 24/7.

One ask one self how can such a peaceful little town with such high security precautions fall victim to an armed robbery. Well it could be a lot of factors. Firstly it is the laid back relaxed atmosphere of a holiday destination. No one is military style vigilant at any point of time. The town is seldom under attack from such violent type criminals. Even snatch and grab and house burglary is not very high compare to the high density of Tourist through out the year. 

There is also the factor of job security in an uncertain economical climate that South Africa is presently in. Then we have the divide. All factors taken into account the divide between rich and poor in this region is unhealthy large. Their is just not enough job security to employ every one and the region use to be reliant on domestic tourist market. This is the whole coastal region from Tugela Mouth in the South to Kosi Bay in the North. Since the deceleration of World Heritage Status with a vision of preservation rather than conservation the local arts and crafts completely collapsed. 

Focus on Taxed based Revenue income far outweigh's the social need of the region. Income Tax is a good monitory revenue for the Government, but taxing to strict creates Government dependency by other wise self employable individuals with very little formal education. This is where a Socialist based Ruling party has faltered in creating security for the rural lower income bracket of the population. One would think that a socialist party would find the sweet spot between Capitalism and Socialism while the country is growing. 

Unfortunately that did not happen and these coastal and rural communities are poor and have to look at all the riches on the other side of the fence. Hungry people will eat. That is a severe fact of life. Whether they commit the crime them selves or sell information that could help the criminal is immaterial. The dire need for money to buy food is ever increasing as the riches of the area is exploited by a few hard core capitalists. 

By Petrus Viviers

For Africa
083 584 7473

Armed Robbery Tourist Traumatised

Braking News
St Lucia Estuary
Armed Robbery

Late afternoon of 26 September 2016 Four black people entered St Lucia with a Toyota Silver Hilux. They instructed St Lucia Pep Stores staff to close the doors after two armed males entered the shop and the other two stood guard at the door.

The clients where instructed to lie on the floor and the staff was forced to hand over the money. The armed Robbers took the daily takings from two tills and is still at large.

How Safe is St Lucia

By Petrus Viviers

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

St Lucia Jabula Beach

Fishing Report SA
St Lucia Estuary
iSimangaliso Wetland Park
14 September 2016

Johan Dumas
6Kg Garrick
Live Shad on Slide
Jabula Beach

14 September 2016 Rainy

St Lucia Estuary
iSimangaliso Wetlands Park
Fishing Report SA

The past three weeks some Shad in nice quantities was landed along Jabula beach. Very few Garrick and other fish saw the light of day.

Cape Vidal had some success with shad on the 13 September 2016.

Deep-sea mainly produced Tuna.

Water Supply is still irregular but seems to have stabilise for time being.

Very little progress has been made with the Estuary mouth management and all the promises made by the Wetland Parks Authority that ocean water will be let in on regular basis has been discarded.

So for those who are interested ... The Estuary Mouth is Still Closed and it won't be open soon.

Today and Last Night Richards Bay to St Lucia had a fair amount of rain. If this will have a huge impact on the water levels remains to be seen.

By Petrus Viviers

Although these photos were not taken in St. Lucia, I thought I would share them here, as St. Lucia is full of hippos.

A Curious Baby Hippo

This little fellow had no fear. He came to see what the strange thing on the edge of the dam was. (Me) All the while the mother was grunting warnings, I know not if they were directed at me or her baby. The hippo, although not rated as one of the Big Five, kills more... Continue reading

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Saturday 30 July 2016

St Lucia Estuary
Fishing Report SA
Mouth Condition

Not open yet.

Currently strong side wash at high tide dictates fishing al low tide.

Must be ready for long walk. Travel light.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Winter is passing by

St Lucia Estuary
Fishing Report SA
iSimangaliso Wetlands Park
19 July 2016

Re Question: No the Estuary Mouth is not opened yet.

Fishing is good, but there is no secret hot spot at any given day.

Popular spots
is North of St Lucia main beach.
South of St Lucia Estuary beach all the way to Mphelane Bay or better know as Mapelane.

Fish Caught
Humangus Stump Nose
Very Big Southern Pompano
Large Grunter
Average Sized Shad

Although the specie list looks impressive it is not an ongoing thing specie's vary from day to day. Hot spots moving up and down the St Lucia Coast Line.

Deep See
No Queen Mackerel yet (Natal Snoek)
Loads of Tuna and some King Mackerel (Couta)

Winter is almost gone and we not catching many winter species.

Good luck and Tight Lines

By Petrus Viviers

Sunday, June 26, 2016

St Lucia Estuary - Garrick has arrived!!!

St Lucia Estuary
Fishing Report SA
26 June 2016

No they have not started with St Lucia Estuary Mouth
No the Mouth is not open yet

That done and dusted... Some nice shad has come out last week and Saturday Garrick has made its appearance on the beaches of St Lucia.

To join our Whats App Group, Born2Fish, please What's App 0835847473.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Shad On The Run

Fishing Report SA
16 June 2016
St Lucia Estuary

No The Mouth is not open yet and fishing in The Estuary is poor. The Sand Blasting has not commenced yet. Still in preparation phase.

The Good News is that the Shad, yes nice large size ones has arrived in their wards at St Lucia Jabula Beach.

Bait: Sardine Wraps
         Tugela Squid Tubes Wrapped Around an Anchovy

Get yours and get fishing. Jabula Beach St Lucia Estuary.

By Petrus Viviers

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

St Lucia Reduced to a Brackish Pond

St Lucia Estuary
iSimangaliso Westland Park

The status has now officially been changed from Marine system to Brackish system.

More than just hippos and crocs: The hidden biodiversity of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Science Codex

The St Lucia lake itself is generally brackish and is located on a large sandy expanse known as the Maputaland coastal plain. Dotted across the ...

How long is purgery a Crime?

In 2001 BACSA lost the court case to drive on St Lucia beaches because of a very rare and endangered Crab that exist in the area as above.

Today The iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority has no problem in turning this into a construction site for the next 11/to 15 years.

One wonder what is the greater good of carrying a World Heritage Site Status if the rights of the public are for ever restricted and the once beautiful St Lucia Estuary has been destroyed.

Bring back controlled beach driving. It is even allowed on Fraser Island World Heritage Site.

By Petrus Viviers

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Stop The Trawlers

Stop The Trawlers
Fishing Report SA
Green Heritage
iSimangaliso World Heritage
Wetlands Park

15 Years into World Heritage Status and a total collapse of the prawn population on the Tugela Shelve brought the Prawn netting Industry to a stand still.

In this time the oceans of iSimangaliso Wetlands Park had a chance to spawn bait fish. This brought back species that was long been eradicated because of the by catches of Netting Trawlers.

We can now proof to scientists and wanna be Paul Watson's that the Rock and Surf Angler can not impact on Species that migrate and reside on our local reefs.

Habitat destruction is the main cause of specie lost around the world. The new developments planned by the current management system yields a greater specie eradication than Rock and Surf Anglers.

Hard surface development is the number one reason for specie extinction around the world. Just because one is passionate about nature does not mean you are educated in conservation. It only means you have the ability to care.

Petrus Viviers

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

St Lucia Estuary - Prodical Son caught from Beach

St Lucia Estuary
Fishing Report SA
31 May 2016

This lovely Prodigal Son was caught just North of St Lucia main beach.

Weight : 32Kg

It is not often that a Prodigal Son is caught of the beach. One this size is a rare catch.

Questions and Answers
No St Lucia Estuary mouth is not open yet.

Petrus Viviers

Monday, May 30, 2016

St Lucia Produced Natal Stumpie

St Lucia Estuary
Fishing Report SA
iSimangaliso Wetlands Park
29 May 2016

The Estuary mouth is still closed, but it does not deter locals from fishing for the big ones.

This 6.2Kg was caught by André at St Lucia main beach on white bait. Some sort of sandwich cocktail he construct with Chocka and Squid.

As people are about to give up on St Lucia as an angling destination beauties like this pop up.

Join our fishing group

Saturday, May 21, 2016

10 Million in the wasting

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park
St Lucia Estuary
21 May 2016

15 Years of World Heritage Status and 3 years since acceptance of the death of The Majestic Estuary system and the poorly planned management intervention is still in limbo.

This is the most painstakingly slow deployment of light weight mining equipment in man's history. Carving away at huge pile of highly stacked Buffalo.

May Mr Zouloumis be forgiven for his sins against our children for neglecting their Heritage at a scale this size.

By Petrus Viviers

Monday, May 16, 2016

16 May 2016

St Lucia Estuary Mouth
Current Condition
16 May 2016

To answer the question... No the mouth is not open yet.
Yes they are busy with a rehabilitation plan.

Apparently Cyclone Engineering is ready to commence on the project to remove 96000 cubes of Sediment from The iMfolozi River Mouth as phase 1 A of the rehabilitation process of joining St Lucia Estuary and iMfolozi River.

How ever this is not going to have an impact on the functioning of The Marine system. It will mere kill time while Science and Management play Russian Roulette with the future of this once magnificent system.