Tuesday, March 22, 2016

No Mouth Opening

12 March 2016
Mouth Opening

The vast operation to move 96000 cubic meter of sand is in full swing.

Only two problems
The Authority seems to be absent of permission to commence and that this major task is not to open the mouth.

In the mean time the fish species the receational angler isprohibeted to catch is dying by the thousands.

Petrus Viviers

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Estuary Health 15 March 2016

St Lucia Estuary

In the struggle for user groups and Estuary Health this link channel was first dug about three years ago but maintenance was neglected and ocean water inflow into the Estuary stopped.

Recent rains forced Monzi Farmers to step up and dig the channel once again. Let us call it the link channel. It links The iMfolozi River to St Lucia Estuary and the purpose is to drain water away from two low laying Sugar Cane Farms that floods quite easily with a little rain.

With the recent rain that Vryheid e experienced the iMfolozi River is. flowing quite aggressively.

The last two days another channel was prepared.

Cutting at an angle about 30degrees from Link Channel towards St Lucia.

This channel links the link channel to the ocean and late this after noon/early evening it was completed.

It appears that this channel will bring ocean water into the Estuary on high tide and drain flood water away from iMfolozi on low tide. Ultimately allowing water to flow into the Estuary freely. Whether it is ocean or river water.

Petrus Viviers

Friday, March 11, 2016

Rain from Vryheid still absent

11 March 2016

We all heard that good rains in Vryheid has filled up the iMfolozi River, but it has not reached St Lucia Estuary yet.

Estuary Water table is still very low.

Despite this please be very careful with kids close to the waters edge. Crocodiles are very active and are building up resources to sustain through their winter months.

Morning of 11 March 2016


What a lovely day it start of as. Some very lovely fishing spots and a moderate South Easterly Wind.

St Lucia Estuary Mouth not open yet, but Charters Creek had some 23mm of rain.

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Petrus Viviers

No More Fish St Lucia


Important Public Notice

People will tell you we reading it all wrong. It is not true.
Recreational Fishing of all Non Polajic species are forbidden by this Act.

No more Grunter Fishing Rock and Surf.
No More Salmon Fishing Rock and Surf
No more Stump Nose Fishing Rock and Surf
No more Night Time Fishing Rock and Surf
No more Estuary Fishing

Read and make your public comment


Petrus Viviers
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