Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Stop The Trawlers

Stop The Trawlers
Fishing Report SA
Green Heritage
iSimangaliso World Heritage
Wetlands Park

15 Years into World Heritage Status and a total collapse of the prawn population on the Tugela Shelve brought the Prawn netting Industry to a stand still.

In this time the oceans of iSimangaliso Wetlands Park had a chance to spawn bait fish. This brought back species that was long been eradicated because of the by catches of Netting Trawlers.

We can now proof to scientists and wanna be Paul Watson's that the Rock and Surf Angler can not impact on Species that migrate and reside on our local reefs.

Habitat destruction is the main cause of specie lost around the world. The new developments planned by the current management system yields a greater specie eradication than Rock and Surf Anglers.

Hard surface development is the number one reason for specie extinction around the world. Just because one is passionate about nature does not mean you are educated in conservation. It only means you have the ability to care.

Petrus Viviers

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