Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How Safe is St Lucia

St Lucia Estuary Safety and Security

St Lucia Estuary as a town is very secure. It has one entrance and the same road is an exit. There is 24/7 Security Patrols inside the residential and commercial area conducted by three independent Security Companies. Both the Main Beach and Estuary Beach has day time employed Security Guards. Most of the shops has security guards at the door with panic buttons linked to professional armed reaction services. St Lucia also has a satellite Police Station that is manned with trained SAPS 24/7.

One ask one self how can such a peaceful little town with such high security precautions fall victim to an armed robbery. Well it could be a lot of factors. Firstly it is the laid back relaxed atmosphere of a holiday destination. No one is military style vigilant at any point of time. The town is seldom under attack from such violent type criminals. Even snatch and grab and house burglary is not very high compare to the high density of Tourist through out the year. 

There is also the factor of job security in an uncertain economical climate that South Africa is presently in. Then we have the divide. All factors taken into account the divide between rich and poor in this region is unhealthy large. Their is just not enough job security to employ every one and the region use to be reliant on domestic tourist market. This is the whole coastal region from Tugela Mouth in the South to Kosi Bay in the North. Since the deceleration of World Heritage Status with a vision of preservation rather than conservation the local arts and crafts completely collapsed. 

Focus on Taxed based Revenue income far outweigh's the social need of the region. Income Tax is a good monitory revenue for the Government, but taxing to strict creates Government dependency by other wise self employable individuals with very little formal education. This is where a Socialist based Ruling party has faltered in creating security for the rural lower income bracket of the population. One would think that a socialist party would find the sweet spot between Capitalism and Socialism while the country is growing. 

Unfortunately that did not happen and these coastal and rural communities are poor and have to look at all the riches on the other side of the fence. Hungry people will eat. That is a severe fact of life. Whether they commit the crime them selves or sell information that could help the criminal is immaterial. The dire need for money to buy food is ever increasing as the riches of the area is exploited by a few hard core capitalists. 

By Petrus Viviers

For Africa
083 584 7473

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