Thursday, November 10, 2016

St Lucia Estuary - iMfolozi River in Flood

St Lucia Org Za

photo taken: 10/11/2016

The iMfolozi River came down quiet extensively. Water levels in the Estuary has risen way above high water mark. This is in a way good news. Unfortunately the dynamics in management has change so much that a breach prediction at this stage is a mere speculation.

In the absence of utilizing the scouring effect I personally believe the pressure will not rise enough to breach. The water surface is large, but the volume is not significant due to shallow silted up scenario. 

If the sediment trap in front of the Ski Boat Club was maintained and the back channels and their sediment traps was maintained we might have a built up to the extend where we could have a breach ... now I think the water will merely percolate into the ocean on spring tide low. 

My humble opinion....

McKenzi Street
St Lucia

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