Saturday, December 31, 2016

Cape Vidal Beach 31 December 2016

What a lovely day at Cape Vidal. High tide not much swimming to do, but the water looks lovely and people are sucking up there vitamin Sea. Although I see a few rods at the Cazibos no one is actually fishing. Wind is moderately North Easterly and the side wash looks devistating.

Drive here did not produce many Game sightings, but saw some Kudu, Baboons and Water Buck. One Blue Wildebeest and evidence of the Elephant on the road.

Richars Baai Vakansie Gids - Deel 1

Richards Baai

Kwa Zulu Natal 

Kersfees 2016

Kom stap saam met my deur Richards Baai en kyk wat gebeur die vakansie in die pragtige vakansiebestemming. Wat is daar om te doen en hoe om daar by uit te kom. Waar is al die weg steek plekke en die geheime hengel hoekies. Dit word op Toergids styl gedoen. Ek oefen nog om n aanbieder te wees. 

In Richards Baai is alles naby. Dinge word ontwikkel om die hengelaar en sy gaste te akkomodeer. Selfs Durban is om die draai. 

Vir Akkommodasie

Vir Hengel Wenke

Friday, December 30, 2016

Main Beach Road - Not Bus Friendly

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

Andrew Zaloumis

We Will No Longer be Bullied

Since Andrew comes to public participation meetings to bully the ladies and fragile we will no longer tolerate it. This medium will now be used to exposed the Hubrist Management Style that has taken away from the people and given to one man and his quest to become famous. Unfortunately fame doesn't come with out hard work.  

I am Petrus Viviers and do not seek fame. I only seek that the World Heritage Act of 1999 be implemented and that we, the public, can enjoy and benefit from this lovely park that we all love so much, 

Video Channel

Petrus Viviers

If You believe in my work and want to contribute. All donations is for the benefit of Petrus Viviers and can be used at his discretion. 


Friday, December 23, 2016

Unthankful Angler - WhatsApp


Have never meet another human as unthankful as this one guy bashing my WhatsApp yesterday with criticism because he cannot find "enough relevant" information about Fishing the beaches of St Lucia Estuary...

Well you get what you pay for. With my limited budget this is the best I can do. Yes maybe my focus is not on one place ... maybe it is all over the show ... because the World have not decided where they want to read their next fishing report.

Let us look at what it cost to load one post per week.

Driving down to the beach ....
Walking on the 3 beaches.
Not being on time for Work.
Driving between three beaches
Listing sorting the pictures/videos
Driving Back to Work

a Round trip from home to report and back home is just on 300km/week

Loading them onto various places so the 12 people interested in fishing a specific point in time accidently run into a fishing report that is relevant for him at the mind set he wants information in.

Then if it is not structured in a way he wants his fantasy world to play out all of a sudden he/she press skip or close the page/video down.

So I ask who pays for this R680.00 + R1200.00 = R1880.00 expenses just to collect the material he wants before time spend in organising it into a report?

Petrus Viviers

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Safe Our Estuary

St Lucia Estuary 

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

I have now turned my full attention in using a petition to remove Andrew Zaloumis as iSimangaliso Wetlands Park C.E.O. This might sound very ambitious to you, but if you don't understand the urgency then don't take part in the drive. I have two months to reach my goal. Either you with me or you will be part of the problem. Failing YOUR Children and Their Planet.

Andrew Zaloumis must step down.

  • His Apathetic approach to Conservation has destroyed all Marine Life in St Lucia Estuary.
  • Has removed the Natural dune forest barrier between St Lucia Estuary's Light Pollution and The Turtle Beaches.
  • Is running a mining style operation during Turtle Breeding Season over previously recorded successful Leather Back Nesting Sites.
  • He has proven in his own E.I.A that he has deliberately changed the natural ebb and flow of St Lucia Estuary.  
  • This man's Hubristic approach to Social Structures has brought conflict between Neighbors and heightening Racial Tensions that was already removed back in 1996.
If you ignore this petition you relinquish your rights to part take in any conservation effort to safe the Rhino, Fight Global Warming or Safe The Turtle Beaches of iSimangaliso Coast. The fact that you do not see the urgency merely exclaims your ignorance as a care giver to planet earth and all it's resources.

Thank You

Petrus Viviers

Please Sign 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

St Lucia Estuary - The Morning After

St Lucia Estuary 

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

Many St Lucia residents are up in arms this time of the year, but since we are amongst the longest residing families in town we have grown accustomed to the festivities around these holidays. For as long as I can remember this happens on a nice sunny day.
The introduction of iSimangaliso Authority's booze control points only force the people back into the main Street and residential area. St Lucia has been and will always be part of Zululand. We welcome our neighbours and wish them a happy festive season.
We however ask that please use the dustbins and not the road and parking surfaces to dispose of your glass bottles ...
Any way your support is much appreciated and we ask you to come again. Remember to consume alcohol responsibly.
All the best for the rest....

Friday, December 02, 2016

Dinosaurs, a Fishy Tale

Most likely the most unusual animal found in the ocean at St. Lucia.

In 1984 I found myself in East London, South Africa, a small city with not much going on. Museums are interesting to me, especially the Natural History section and for a small place East London has an excellent one.

There I found out about and saw a stuffed  dinosaur fish, the Coelacanth. Scientist though that it had gone extinct along with the other dinosaurs 65 million years back. But then on 23 December 1938, the first Latimeria specimen was found off the east coast of South Africa. A Rhodes University ichthyologist, J.L.B. Smith, confirmed the fish’s importance with a famous cable: “MOST IMPORTANT PRESERVE SKELETON AND GILLS = FISH DESCRIBED”.

No internet in 1984.

This is the Coelacanth preserved and on view at the East London Museum. Photo courtesy of

The first recorded Coelacanth fossil, found in Australia, was of a jaw that dated back 360 million years, the fossil record is unique because Coelacanth fossils were found 100 years before the first live specimen was identified.
Ironically, the dinosaur fish is at risk of becoming, really extinct this time.  Fishermen sometimes snag a Coelacanth instead of an oilfish because they traditionally fish at night, when oilfish and Coelacanths feed. Before scientists became interested in Coelacanths, they were thrown back into the water if caught. They are no good for eating apparently. Now that there is an interest in them, fishermen trade them in to scientists or other officials once they have been caught. So the very people that should want to preserve the species is the biggest threat to this dinosaur fish.

Of Interest

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