Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Safe Our Estuary

St Lucia Estuary 

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

I have now turned my full attention in using a petition to remove Andrew Zaloumis as iSimangaliso Wetlands Park C.E.O. This might sound very ambitious to you, but if you don't understand the urgency then don't take part in the drive. I have two months to reach my goal. Either you with me or you will be part of the problem. Failing YOUR Children and Their Planet.

Andrew Zaloumis must step down.

  • His Apathetic approach to Conservation has destroyed all Marine Life in St Lucia Estuary.
  • Has removed the Natural dune forest barrier between St Lucia Estuary's Light Pollution and The Turtle Beaches.
  • Is running a mining style operation during Turtle Breeding Season over previously recorded successful Leather Back Nesting Sites.
  • He has proven in his own E.I.A that he has deliberately changed the natural ebb and flow of St Lucia Estuary.  
  • This man's Hubristic approach to Social Structures has brought conflict between Neighbors and heightening Racial Tensions that was already removed back in 1996.
If you ignore this petition you relinquish your rights to part take in any conservation effort to safe the Rhino, Fight Global Warming or Safe The Turtle Beaches of iSimangaliso Coast. The fact that you do not see the urgency merely exclaims your ignorance as a care giver to planet earth and all it's resources.

Thank You

Petrus Viviers

Please Sign 

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