Friday, December 23, 2016

Unthankful Angler - WhatsApp


Have never meet another human as unthankful as this one guy bashing my WhatsApp yesterday with criticism because he cannot find "enough relevant" information about Fishing the beaches of St Lucia Estuary...

Well you get what you pay for. With my limited budget this is the best I can do. Yes maybe my focus is not on one place ... maybe it is all over the show ... because the World have not decided where they want to read their next fishing report.

Let us look at what it cost to load one post per week.

Driving down to the beach ....
Walking on the 3 beaches.
Not being on time for Work.
Driving between three beaches
Listing sorting the pictures/videos
Driving Back to Work

a Round trip from home to report and back home is just on 300km/week

Loading them onto various places so the 12 people interested in fishing a specific point in time accidently run into a fishing report that is relevant for him at the mind set he wants information in.

Then if it is not structured in a way he wants his fantasy world to play out all of a sudden he/she press skip or close the page/video down.

So I ask who pays for this R680.00 + R1200.00 = R1880.00 expenses just to collect the material he wants before time spend in organising it into a report?

Petrus Viviers

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