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All The Kings Horses all The Kings Men

The Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park

iSimangaliso World Heritage Site

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Petrus Viviers
I am known in the blogging community as Whitey .. aka ... A Whiteman or else Bierpens. I have been called many names and loads of attributes has been bestowed upon me for being a proud white man living in a Zulu dominated region of south Africa. 

The Zulu Nation and it's people can fend for themselves, but that does not mean I will stand up against my own people and other cultures trying to create hate and animosity between Zulu's and the white people of the province.  

For this reason I am very vocal about protection of Zulu Culture Tradition and Religion. For my quest is to not enslave mild tempered and well mannered people. My quest is to create a future for our Children to live and thrive in. To leave them a Green Heritage to be proud off.

For this reason I fear Andrew Zaloumis and Terri Custard not. They are manipulative puppets who think the world is scared of them and their legal actions money can buy. I am not. I never imply something I do not have proof off. I never judge a book by it's cover but merely by it's action. If this is offends you then I am very sorry. 

History of Greater St Lucia 
The area use to and still belongs to the Zulu owners that have been stepped upon and humiliated through centuries. With them came a hand full off other nations trying to build a future for our children. This was the vision of the British Thrown to bring stability to the area when they proclaimed Game Reserves in 1895 in the Northern Regions of kwaZulu Natal.

This was done because the white man especially from British descend use to cull animals almost to extinction. This had a favorable outcome for both man and beast. The next 50 years went down almost smoothly and negotiations panned out to include more and more property in the conservation areas, but the people where left on the borders of these park poor and hungry.

Somewhere around the 1950's three wise men stood up and started changing this. It was a painstakingly process. They had flack from every body including Governments that came and went. The growing demand on Sugar Cane became a great threat. It so happens that major Wetlands was over run and today Nature can not function properly because of this. 

This is a man made scenario and needs man made interventions. By the early 1970's the Sugar can farmers built a South and a North pier to help the scouring effect. They did not have the technology not the wisdom of tidal movements and sediment built up we have today, but for the next 10 years St Lucia Estuary Mouth was healthy and fertile breeding, spawning and nursery for fish stock of the area. 

St Lucia Estuary, the town, and the tourists routes leading through the heart of Zululand started blooming. Craft markets supported families with up to 16 members per family and children received education through hard physical work from their parents. Communities was build and empires was forged. an Empire was the ability to employ people not to build houses and own expensive German vehicles. 

Any way for many years St Lucia Estuary mouth was managed by the very Organisation that was forged by the three hard working dedicated men. Natal Parks Board. Their mandate was to protect conservation and squeeze the highest economical yield from it with out suffocating it. Tourism in the area bloomed. People where interacting with cultures and religions.

In 1999 Some one decided to make Andrew Zaloumis park CEO. He brought with him a team of two. Terri Custard and Mike Bower. This trio dismantled the whole spirit of Sustainable Utilization. Teamed up with Vali moosa and closed the beaches. Yes this was a blanketed National Ban, but they knew that it where going to have the greatest impact on the Zulu Kingdom. a Strong Hold the ANC Government could never muster enough control to un seat their ancient Zulu enemy. 

Andrew Zaloumis claims he is a born and bred Zululander, but for 18 years all his policies was to enrich his own, not necessarily white, but his fellow Greek kin. This has left Zululand begging for food, health care and help 18 years after he received a mandate to bring the riches of the park back to the people. Andrew Zaloumis failed in so many ways I can not put it into writing in one blog entry. 

He even single handed re wrote The World Heritage Act of South Africa to rule out any historical rights certain user groups had in and around the park. This was the very Spirit of World Heritage Status that he abused his political powers to change. Sadly these people in power was only driven by their self fabricated hatred off white people. This blinded fury invoked racial segregation unknown to the Zululand Region and Racial hate was imported via Capitalism. 

This Andrew is not the Zulu way and you know your father, Nollie Zaloumis is watching down on you. Take your trio and move on. Damage is done. Give us a chance to build on the great legacy your father has left us. Let us give back the management of the park to the custodians that was mentored under your fathers love and dedication. 

Thank You

Petrus Viviers

PS. God guides my fingers over my keyboard. No legal team or public pressure will make me stand down. This is God's paradise. We should treat it like that. 

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Proposed New Management - iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

The Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park

iSimangaliso World Heritage Site

Micro Management of Hubris'm 

a Top heavy management structure has proved to be an epic failure. The Estuary mouth is left in ruins. The owners of the northern and Southern Regions of the park is furious and where plummeted into poverty. What ever riches World Heritage status brought to our door was purely to enrich a very small portion of elite. 

This is the legacy that will always follow Vali Moosa and Andrew Zaloumis, World Renowned Conservationist and populist leaders.

What we need know is to return the ancient wisdom of The Zulu to the region. For this we need to rely much on the support of The Zulu King. Only he can combine the two World once again. 

1722 - St Lucia Estuary, the town, proclaimed as settlement. Proof of this is in the title deeds of Petermaritzburg.

.... skip a few ...
In 1895 The Royal Thrown of Britain proclaimed several areas in The Heart of Zululand as Protected Areas. Those who think it was done to keep the Zulu out was mistaken. The blood lust of the white man for the wild life of Africa could not be quenched. 

... skip a few ...
1948 ... Ian Player, George Hughes and Nollie Zaloumis started combining their efforts and formed Natal Parks Board. They relied heavily on local Zulu knowledge and kinship to widen their base and interact with wild life and the people who loved nature so much that they built respect for it into their culture and religion.

They forged bonds, entered pacts/deals with ruling tribal heads and forge the most beautiful Game Parks in the World from nothing and very little funding. The secured World Renowned Turtle Breeding beaches with owners of the coastal properties. The spend time, slept in the field and brought the Black Rhino back from the brink of extinction. 

Their team of Game Rangers grew by the day. 

... 1994 ... 
The end of Apartheid was forced onto a very young immature Democracy. Sadly the Honey moon of the gange over was short lived and the Struggle Fighters become slave owners. Enslaving people from all cultures and all walks of live. Today we sit and stare at each other with hate and dismay. The haves and the have not's.  We are on the brink of hating each other.

1998 Vali Moosa placed a very fatal blow to the Economy of the Zulu Kingdom. His blanketed National Beach ban reaped havoc through out the coastal and terrestrial regions of what we knew as
Zululand. The ANC Government enslaves the proud Zulu People with child and other support grants. a Once self sustained culture has become nothing more than ANC beggars living from day to day. While these over lords grew fat in their own little world of Corruption and Political Ideologies.  

The Way Forward 2017 and Beyond
To safe these lovely protected areas, The Zulu Kingdom needs a massive Cash injection. The South Africa Government has been Financially Crippled by The Zuma/Gupta Government. There is no other way to generate cash flow other than by creating opportunities.

  • Ideally Separate kwa Zulu Natal From South African Parliament
  We don't need lies and political turmoil. We need stable leaders with Wisdom and Vision.
  • Open the Beaches to Recreation Vehicles
Do this and their will be an immediate explosion of free running cash into Zululand. Crafters will sell their traditional Cultural Curios. This will buy the Leaders and Policy makers time to rethink the Social Economical Structure and plan away out of the Mess Vali Moosa and Andrew Zaloumis left the Zulu Kingdom in.
  • Remove The Top heavy management Structure 
Dismantle the Zaloumis legacy by removing the reminanse  of the Trio from Office. Put a capable Financial/Admin Manager in place to run the team.

The Team 
  1.  The foot patrols on the Ground
  2. The Sector Supervisors 
  3. The Team Leaders per Sector
  4. The heads of Terrestrial and Marine
  5. The Scientist 
  6. The Admin Mangers 
Like all well functioning Zulu operations a team is managed from the Grass Roots Up ... Shit is fertilization and should be used as such. It is not a Roman Law that it should run down hill. If you are at the Top You must have earned it through hard work and experience. Nor because your father did such.

We at the final of the moments of an ancient legacy. The Only way to revive it is to bring the knowledge still roaming the Park as Rangers to the table and start building from the ground up. These people are not only in contact with the land owners and users, they are also the ones that know, see and understand the need of the plants and animals that feed on them. 

This is the way The Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park, Mkuzi, Undumo and Thembe was created and run over the past 100 years with the Hluhluwe/iMfolozi Game Reserve. It worked so well we had a site beautiful enough to proclaim it as a World Heritage Site.

We have this last chance to safe it. Do Not Screw it Up

Monday, September 04, 2017

Repairs needed - Post Zaloumis Era

The Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park

iSimangaliso World Heritage Site

After 18 years of dismantling the structures  that glued together a 100 year Old Game Reserve he finally decided to step down leaving a failed multi million Rand rehabilitation project to sort out. No more structures in place to honor the negotiations that was entered into by the local communities over the past 50 years. 

Natal Parks Board was put in place by the founding fathers, George Hughes, Ian Player and Nollie Zaloumis. a Very well manage and thriving Wetlands Park was glued together by people who loved the Zulu Heritage and The Cultural interaction that grew during Apartheid with the Park.

All this Glue is gone at the end of the area. Now we stuck with no knowledge and skills on the ground to sort out who promised who what and who owns what. This was built into the very core of the Organisation now called Ezemvelo Wild Life. An Organisation that lost all their "troops" on the ground and sitting with a top heavy infra structure and no Government Support. 

The Lies
Andrew Zaloumis did not teach any crafters. a Zulu Crafter is painstakingly taught  by generations to produce Zulu Arts and Crafts. Not by a white man sitting in an office. This is one of the biggest lies I have read in Mass Media. Further did Andrew Zaloumis not train one tour guide. I wonder how many was trained by Park funds. a Tour Guide is self taught and only tested for their skills level. Bringing people on the same page during the height of the Tourist season is crippling the Industry not promoting it. 

Bully Tactics 
Andrew Zaloumis used terrestrial in house Park Rules to bully Recreational Ski Boat Anglers out of their RIGHT to fish for bottom fish. He tried and failed to increase the Marine Reserve yet he allowed people to fish in "sacred" ground that was proclaimed by very wise people from a generation preceding him. 

He assisted Tour Operators to bully small boats of the water while they sneak documentation past the authorities to under write their vessels and vehicles that should not be allowed to past concession requirements. He inflated concession fees to the point it is no longer affordable for Tourist Traveling from Cape Town to the Park. This very unique pricing structure has killed the Domestic Tourist Market to St Lucia Estuary. The very market that laid the foundation to the very Industry that the mass media so proudly claimed he built.

In fact post 1999 no new amenities has been created for St Lucia Wetland Park. Many has died down and closed up. 

Lost of Education Centre
Under Andrew Zaloumis the Education Center was closed down at iPhiva Camp Site and a one man show horse operation has no full control over this once thriving much needed Industry that shaped young minds into becoming nature lovers.  Teaching the young generation on how to have a family holiday with in a Conservation Area. 
Thank You for that over sight Andrew. We much appreciated it. 

There is so many more things to lay before this mean mans feet, but I will cut my ranting and raving short right now and do some constructive Work building sustainable community projects that does not need World Renown Rewards to thrive .... 

Petrus (Bierpens) Viviers

Friday, September 01, 2017

Villa Mia Holiday Flats

Villa Mia Holiday Flats
Self Catering Accommodation 
St Lucia Estuary
iSimangaliso Wetlands Park
South Africa

4u2Stay - Villa Mia

Sunday, August 27, 2017

3 - 5 November 2017 Special

We have an excelent Romantic weekend break away planned for November 2017. Including Estuary Boat Cruise, 2 Breakfasts, Game Drive including


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3 - 5 November 2017 Special
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We have an excelent Romantic weekend break away planned for November 2017. Including Estuary Boat Cruise, 2 Breakfasts, Game Drive including Lunch and a Saturday Romantic Dinner for two in your Apartment.

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4u2Stay - Villa Mia Self Catering Apartments

St Lucia Estuary 

Self Catering Accommodation

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park


Villa Mia Holiday Flats
Self Catering Accommodation
St Lucia Estuary
061 523 6104


061 523 5104

St Lucia Boat Cruises
The main attraction in St Lucia is by far the Estuary Boat Cruise to see Hippo and Crocodile. This is a World Wide Tourist Attraction and every one should go on it least once. Well at least once every Holiday Season. 
It is fun to keep up with the baby Hippos life cycle as they mature and accumulate scars into adulthood. The Male fracas for dominance and their territorial demarcation of  the Estuary, Mud Flats and Grasslands.

Deep Sea Fishing 
The second biggest Tourist Attraction is Fishing and probably Deep Sea Fishing. The local skippers/charters have a vast knowledge on where what species is hiding and most launches result into successful catches. 
Young and old find this a very attractive, although a very expensive proposition. The results of the pure adrenaline experience is worth the price. 

Recreational Rock and Surf
The foundation that paved the way to The Tourism Industry in St Lucia Estuary. Still the one place that bridges any gap between father and son and father and daughter. No other sport has mend so many relation ships and no other sport or activities has forged so many patriarchal memories.

Al tough the World Heritage Status has turned their back on this activities/sport, but the fishing fraternity will proof their net worth to the Tourism Industry. Fishing knows no religion, age or political affiliation. Fishing is the best common ground for forging bonds.   

Book your next fishing holiday in St Lucia Estuary. With 4u2Stay and we will make it a memorable one. We can arrange from Shark fishing to spinning and deep sea fishing. 
We are all Born2Fish and forced to work. 

Flat Fish and Shark fishing is very popular. It is a catch and release sport and the anglers tak pride when releasing these lovely specimens. These fishing can be done on medium tackle from 11kg upwards. Mostly on sliding, but also on a very interesting rig called a dingle dangle.  

Very unique way of setting a hook with bait hanging from the hook. Also very effective way of catching the bottom feeders like sand sharks and rays. The best bait for large sharks is sand sharks and rays. People swim almost any thing to catch big sharks. Even 20kg Kob, 30kg Sand Sharks and more.

Vila Mia is very centrally located in the Small Town of St Lucia Estuary. Offering cozy comfortable self catering accommodation to the family holiday maker. Villa Mia is one or two bedroom units sleeping four or six people. Pricing is done in such a manner that it includes school going children in the base price. House cleaning is available to any guests at their request. Self catering is concept that lives in the hearts of all Travelers and holiday makers. We all want our space and privacy.

About Villa Mia

Villa Mia consists of 25 sectional title Apartments and is sold out to individual owners. These owners treat these apartments as investment and their home away from home. When one sleeps here it is as if you are sleeping over in some one else's house. Holiday Letting through Sectional Title is not a commercially driven enterprise, but rather a unique opportunity to stay over as a guest in some ones house.

Self Catering means take your own food and toiletries. Make sure you bring your own towels.  Keep the Apartment clean like you would have your own home. Remember you living inside some one else's dream and they offer you the opportunity to share in it. Please report all breakages to 4u2Stay so we can replace it as soon as possible in an attempt to give the next guest sharing this self catering Apartment the same valued experience. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

St Lucia Estuary - Current Conditions

Travel and Information Directory

- Mouth Not Open -
- Fish is on the Bite -

Let us face it. there is no way that one man can steal the splendour of our heritage. These beautiful Golden beaches was occupied by our ancestors for over 200 years now. Changing it into a money making racket will not diffuse our yearning to practice that what we are all well know for.  There is just one thing left to do. Let us enjoy the abundant spoils of our heritage and learn to live together in peace and harmony.

The one thing that is an upside of the destruction, "rehabilitation my arse", brought to us was the total collapse of the off shore prawn trawling Industry. Never before was such a large variety of fish caught from our beaches all year round. It is clear that the net trawling by catches can now grow into  record breaking monsters. We, the Rock and Surf anglers don't need to carry the blame by the likes of Barry Man and his band of merry men.

Photo on Available on Blog
The only thing that still boggels my mind is why can we not drive on the beaches. I mean that must really sit well with Mr Valli Moosa. He totally destroyed an economy and took the right of the "previously disadvantaged" away from the, to experience the great life style that whites had during the Apartheid years.

Yes I am referring to the use of Recreational 4x4 vehicles between the low water mark and the high water mark.

I mean look at the extensive "rehabilitation" or as I like to call it ... dam building process that UNESCO undertook to redirect the iMfolozi river. Let us be fair once again. At least the back pressure is such that the iMfolozi retains it's flow a lot longer and we can have drinking water a lot longer in our taps now that it does not run straight into the ocean any more.

So let us recap the destructive restoration process.
  • We now have a man made dam wall separating the ocean from the Estuary. 
  • That was allowed in a sensitive area where we never drove but the reason why we where banned. 
  • We don't have millions of prawns in the Estuary any more, but Bruce man can't blame the recreational angler any longer for something we could never achieved. 
  • We can't drive on our man made beach surface, but our catch size and verity has increased ten fold. 
  • We have water to drink and shower in, but we still concerned about the Estuary being open. 
The long and the short is the Estuary will not be functioning like we know it for at least one maybe two generations. This will have a catastrophic impact on Global Warming. Since there is nothing we can do to force UNESCO to return our functioning Estuary, we can only enjoy the spoils that derived from the management plan. 



- Dirk Nortje -
King Fish early August
Kobus Potgier
Garrick Early August
Photos remain the property of the photographer

Story Told by :
Petrus (Bierpens) Viviers
083 584 7473

hosted: Host Africa

created: For Africa 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

23 July 2017 - Estuary Current Condition

No Rehabilitation in Sight

Purely Man Made Manipulation

Photo by: Petrus Viviers
               083 584 7473
To claim that this is rehabilitation is total bullshit. It saddens me that UNESCO supports this lie. This is man made manipulation of the truth. Nothing Less Nothing More. It is believed that Mr Zaloumis is well spoken in the art of manipulation. One resident claims that Mr Zaloumis has disclosed to him that as long as you give people hope you can manipulate their support. Well since he is a self proclaimed Gun Runner off the ANC Regime it is clear that he is walking their walk and talking their talk. He also seems to be very good at it.

Well I never though that Conspiracy at this scale is possible, but neither can I believe that all this is a coincident. True it could be that the major role players in the Industry is oblivious to what they are part taking in or it could be that they stupid enough to be manipulated. Either way we have to be careful on who we give our public support to. 

Photo by: Petrus Viviers
               083 584 7473

Now I am not one vetting for public support, but it is clear some one has to state the facts regarding fishing and angling rights and environmental management and affairs. The final evidence that produced my Mr Richard Pen-sawyer on behalf of the state  that permanently closed our recreational use of 4x4 vehicles on the beach ... was a little crab that lived in the mud banks between the iMfolozi and St Lucia Estuary. Since the assistance of this little  crab is so insignificant to iSimangaliso Wetland Park and UNESCO I personally don't see any reasons to keep 4x4 Recreational users of the beaches any more.

Further this bull shit of Catch and Release as per World Best Practice needs to be addressed. The Recreational Fishing Industry is the fastest and biggest out door sport in the World. We are handing our rights to share in this Industry to By Catches on Huge Trawlers that indiscriminately over fish our coast lines or quotas allocated to them on biggest bribe biggest quota system. This has the result of the Recreational Rock and Surf angler that has to over compensate in allocated bag limits and over regulated fraternity.

Bruce Mann for one is totally biased towards over regulating the Recreational Rock and Surf Angler.  It may secure a well funded life style for him, but it is robbing a well balanced poor and under fed society all along the coastal regions. This has pulled the plug on many Domestic Tourism ventures around the country and with its most devastating impact on rural and remote destinations.

We must re think on who we give our public support to. Public perception plays a major role in decisions making. If we do not know what the facts are we should not get involved.

By Petrus (Bierpens) Viviers
      083 584 7473

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Fishing Report SA - St Lucia Estuary 22 July 2017

Fishing Report SA
St Lucia Estuary

Today the people were catching a shark bigger than 300 mm at Ingwe Beach St Lucia. They also caught some nice size Grunter and cob yes Dusky kob but they were mostly undersize people had to return them. The weather was very nice and we could see with the mist early this morning it would have been a great day for shad fishing.

Some people it easy for the bicycle boxes more than once and they called much more than the quote for the extra fish where retuned  safely to the water. We hope that on Sunday and Monday the fishing will just be as good.

To be added to the Fishing Report SA WhatsApp list please add Petrus Viviers to your contacts and his number is 083 584 7473. Sending a message fishing report and you'll be added to the broadcast list.

By Petrus Viviers

Friday, July 07, 2017

St Lucia Estuary - Ingwe Beach/View Point

iSimangaliso Wetland Park

06 July 2017

Finding Sea Lice (Mole Crabs)

St Lucia Estuary Beaches has an abundance of Sea Lice or rather let us stick to the correct word, mole grabs. This is an excellent bait and so far has proven to be very abrasive, unlike the ghost crab, to human interference both in the Catch Ment of iMfolozi River and beach users along the Coast Line of Southern Africa. both the Ghost Crab and the Mole Crab are very sort after bait by the Recreation Angler, whether they hook and cook or catch and release angler.

Over the past 40 years there has been a dramatic decline in the Ghost Crab in the areas between Maphelane in the South and Mission Rocks in the North. Even the Southern beaches of Cape Vidal. The Anti 4x4 Lobbyist has placed the blame squarely on the Recreation 4x4 beach users, but the past 17 years it seems that my early predictions it has more to do with affluent water run off from the iMfolozi River carry more weight than very expensive manipulated scientific reports.

I call all Scientific Reports, even the very expensive GEF funded Unesco supported iSimangaliso funded research as manipulated. With hard copy evidence to support my claim. No Scientific report can be bias, because the scope off reference is pre determined and in the case of iSimangaliso very aggressively managed by Andrew Zaloumis and Terry Custard. 

Any way let us return to the main focus of the entry.

Fishing Report SA 

While Andrew Zaloumis mechanically manipulate the Estuary's natural functioning with GEF funding and UNESCO support ... We will have zero Phytoplankton Production along the East Coast of Africa. It seems these people uses failing Lagoon systems as points of reference as models for long term Estuary Management and blame the decreasing fishing population on Recreational Anglers, but refuses to publish the findings of human contraception usage as a factual implication. 

But yes. Bell Pottinger's, Victoria, has proven to us that money above God's Creation. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Failing Restoration Project

Inconstancy with Facts

The Truth Will Prevail

A May 2017 photograph showing the significant progress been made by removing over 1 million
 m3 of dredge spoil that separates the Mfolozi River from Lake St Lucia Estuary. 

Photo: Courtesy of iSimangaliso Wetland Park
Over the 17 years many hap hazard truths and public rumors has stalled the 1958 Estuary management plan. It is cruel of Andrew Zaloumis to slam previous conservation authorities. They had a functional World Renowned Estuary by the end of 1999. (World Heritage Status was declared on 15 December 1999)

"“The [R63 million] rehabilitation project comprises the removal of dredge spoil that was artificially placed in the Mfolozi River course by conservation authorities at the time to protect the estuary from what were believed to be damaging effects of the canalisation of the Mfolozi River and the draining of the uMfolozi floodplain for some 9 100 hectares of sugarcane farming,” said a statement by iSimangaliso."

They manage a healthy system with out World Bank funding and bail outs. There is also a question mark on the Nett value of the so called Rehabilitation project. There was a total of three grants/bail out given for this project, but I will supply facts in a latter entry. The current inconvenient truth is regarding the water level.

As per video Record 

17 May 2017

20 May 2017

25 May 2017

In Your Face 

Now if the World Renowned Scientist can please explain to me where did the water go between the 17 th of May 2017 and the 25th of May 2017 we can put the argument of Rehabilitation to rest. Then we can commence on the net Worth of a Failing World Heritage Site and its inclusion of local communities and misrepresentation of the law and failure to execute a Mandate.

Public Rumor 

It is a public Rumor that the Estuary will breach at the end off July of 2017 and the Facebook page creating the miss information that it could be should be reported as #FakeNews. Here is the facts from the Horses mouth.

“The area being removed was shown to be the most important portion of the dredge spoil island to remove. Removing the eastern area of the dredge spoil will help to reinstate the hydrodynamic processes and allow a much more natural mouth dynamic to Lake St Lucia,” said estuarine ecologist, Nicolette Forbes.
“Lake St Lucia Estuary’s lifeblood has been returned and this puts the system in a good position as we move into the naturally dry winter months where we can expect water levels to reduce through evaporation,” said iSimangaliso CEO Andrew Zaloumis.
iSimangaliso expects the dredge spoil removal operation to be completed in early July this year.

Failing World Heritage Site

To put this in laymen terms ... iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority has no management plan in place to mechanically manage the sediment built up from the iMfolozi River.  iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority has no management plan to open the Estuary Mouth Mechanically.  iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority did not adhere to public outcry to stay with the Government Approved Management Plan of 2012. iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority is failing it's mandate to include public user rights as per 15 December 1999. iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority has failed to keep the integrity of a healthy World Renowned functioning Estuary system over the past 16 years. 
By Petrus Viviers
      083 584 7473

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mission Rocks - Eastern Shores Destination

Mission Rocks

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

Satellite View (2016)

Gate Times
Open 06:00 to 18:00
Strict Park Rules obtainable at the entrance gate. Please read before you sign.
Mission Rocks is generally open to the public unless they are doing road maintenance. No one one can really tell you when that is. The contractors can and will close the road to mission rocks at their own discretion.
We where there 16 March 2017 and no work was done on the Mission Rocks Road or Parking. Great to drive with any vehicle in dry conditions. Have not been there on a wet rainy day since the upgrades to the road.
What To Do
It is a Rocky shore best visited over the Spring Low tides. That would be ideally 2 - 3 days before Full/New Moon until 2 - 3 days after, Best times would be 2 - 3 hours before low tide until 2 - 3 hours after low tide.
Snorkel Masks can be use, but only recommended amongst the inter tidal pools. Those are the pools this side of the shore break.
Sun Bathing is unavoidable. Take hats, sun block and extra water at all times. When going North (Towards Cape Vidal) it is a easy walk back on high tide this side of small bats. Going South is a low tide walk and high tide can be very unforgiving. Take extra food and water when walking towards St Lucia. You may have to stay over the high tide before walking back.
Remember the Gate Times. Large Penalties is payable when you are late. No excuses is accepted by the current Park Management.
Fishing Ultra Light/Light/Medium and Heavy is a great experience at Mission Rocks. You will need your Recreational Angling Licence. You should consider your Natal Rock Lobster and Bait Collection Licenses ass well.
Please make sure that if you are tempted to remove shells of the beach that they are not inhabited with little inter tidal creatures.

By Petrus Viviers

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The enormity of Soil Erosion

When Smart catch his boss

Born 2 Fish

Over many years it has proven that Anglers and Hunters are the most level headed conservationist under the sun, but Dear Mr Zaloumis disenfranchised us. Now he has much bigger fish to fry. #Conservation101 was started to teach people they are all just puppets and stupid emotions normally cost the environment more than a few animals and fish caught annually. Yes you may think, as a snow flake, you have the rights of emotions on your side, but the World is over populated and people will eat. You can either protect the habitat and feed them from it. Or Huge Corporations will over run the habitat and feed them from that.

Snow Flake ... the choice is yours. I will gladly go for the Hunter Gatherer Scenario, but as all humans are .. if I can't have so can't you. Plain and simple. Hope people realise this next time they get all emotional about a little fish or a Rhino Horn being Sold. Yes I am not stupid. I am all for conservation, but the luxury of Conservation is expensive. If you don't fund it or starve it's funds some one else will find better use for the Real Estate.

Short and Sweet. Andrew Zaloumis and Valimoosa disenfranchised a World recognised customer base and it will be relapsed with another more lucrative more powerful customer base. 

Thank You

Snow Flakes      

Friday, March 03, 2017

Where has the water gone?

Public Perception

Managing The Truth

"Due to the nature of mass media the truth is irrelevant". - Captain Paul Watson

Well that is not quite as simple as that. Paul Watson has made a life out of managing public perception through emotional mass media statements. Yet nothing he does is relevant in saving the planet. Japan still kill whales. Some species of whales has become the rodents of the ocean and we are still very much emotional about Trophy Hunting.  Social popularity dictates that we have to be the Alpha Sheep to be acceptable. 

In order to save the Planet from greedy people and that includes Paul Watson, we have to embark on a fact finding mission. For many years a big concern was where does the water go. Well the answer is smoked screened in wind directions, evaporation and even tidal movements. So let us forget about all that. Let us focus on Mathematics. Something we can compute with out expensive computers to do the algorithms. 

To pump sediment from the beach we need to do it at a flow rate of 7 litres of water for every 1 kg of sand. Now that is easy to calculate how much water you need if you know how much sand you have to move. So the question begs it self to be asked. Why does one start with a water born sediment removal program in the begging of the winter (April 2016) in the height of a drought? The asthmatics is basic (Sediment Volume x 7 = Water Displacement).

Any way so the project was set at 11 years for completion. This was clearly not acceptable because in January 2017 mechanical equipment was brought in to move 96 000 cubes of sand. This is at the height of the Turtle Hatching Season.

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St Lucia Estuary Hatchlings
But it did not stop there ... a total of 19 dump trucks and some excavators and bull dossers was incorporated to complete the next phase of the rehabilitation plan. Today it seems that the excavators has run into some difficulty digging out the mud from the previous iMfolozi River Flood plain. Any farmer can tell you that mud is the seal of a dam. Now the Estuary is no dam. but something has to keep the water above sea level. Sine the current water table is 1.2 meter above mean sea level. 

Some more food for though will be coming this way soon.

   Petrus Viviers

Monday, February 06, 2017

Fish Size Failing Recreational Angling

Minimum Fish Size 

Argument Sustained 

Bruce Man (Page 32)

Fishery impacts on biodiversity

The linefishery itself has a relatively low impact on marine habitats in comparison to other fisheries. Impacts are limited to littering and disposal/loss of fishing line and tackle, and damage associated with legal (i.e. harvesting of mussels, red bait, sand/mud prawn, etc.) and illegal (i.e. mussel worm [Pseudonereis variegata]) harvesting of bait organisms. The major impact of this fishery on biodiversity has been the serial overfishing of larger predatory fish species resulting in associated changes in the fish community (Dunlop & Mann 2012). Levels of bycatch of undesirable species (e.g. evil‐eye puffer Amblyrhynchotes honckenii) are considered to be relatively low overall. However, the bycatch of sub‐legal sized individuals of preferred species can be substantial in the absence of adequate policing. Dunlop & Mann (2012) highlighted that the minimum legal size limits were more often violated for larger species such as dusky kob Argyrosomus japonicus and yellowbelly rockcod Epinephelus marginatus. There is an increasing tendency towards catch and release in the recreational shore fishery, particularly by organized competitive anglers (Pradervand et al. 2007). Although this practise should be encouraged and supported, post release mortality is still likely to be quite high in some more sensitive fish species (B. Mann, ORI, pers. obs.).


While total participation appears to have remained fairly constant, total annual angling effort in the KZN shore linefishery has declined substantially in recent years. This is important since KZN historically has had substantially higher levels of shore angling effort than elsewhere along the South Africa coast and was a fishery that was considered to be under great pressure (Brouwer et al. 1997). Analysis of overall CPUE, catch composition and total catch from three independent surveys conducted in KZN suggests that this fishery is currently in a relatively stable condition and that relatively little change has occurred over the past 30 years (Joubert 1981; Mann et al. 1997; Dunlop & Mann 2012). However, comparisons of species‐specific CPUE values from these studies suggest that some species (e.g. dusky kob) are overexploited (Table 1). Over the past few decades there seems to have been a gradual transition in landings from long‐lived, high trophic level, piscivorous fish (e.g. dusky kob) to more short‐lived, low trophic level species (e.g. karanteen). In addition, recent analysis of catch trends of shad, which is the most sought‐after species in the KZN recreational shore fishery, have shown a gradual decline in CPUE over the past 30 years (Maggs et al. 2012). The results therefore suggest that present exploitation levels may not be sustainable for certain fish species. Furthermore, in relation to the catches recorded during the early parts of the 20th century, current catch trends suggest that linefish resources have been fished down to very low levels which are only ‘superficially’ sustainable at current levels of fishing effort (Dunlop & Mann 2012). This has been highlighted by research fishing conducted in no‐take marine protected areas (MPAs) along the Maputaland coast where catch rates of more resident fish species are orders of magnitude higher than in adjacent exploited areas (Mann 2012)

Conclusion By Petrus Viviers

Very selective interviews are made and it is well know that Mr Mann only includes close friends and admirers in his sample studies. We, the recreational Angler, has fought for over 30 years for the maximum Size limit to be enforced. Larger fish are well established in self preservation and their reproduction heeled is far bigger than small fish. Smaller fish is undesirable for the hook and cook market due to low body mass to edible flesh ratio. Larger fish is not suitable for eating since the meat is already hard and filled with cartilages ... These Trophy Species are mainly taken purely for bragging rights. 

Smaller size Shad has a buffer zone restricted to fishable days due to weather conditions and tidal movement of the ocean that does not bring them inshore so they are in reach of the anglers. This is a huge problem to convey to the authorities and since my platform has made head way in The iSimangaliso Management saga I would like to use my little soap box to address this one sided conversation. Let us have a more transparent public participation and more input so we can exercise our rights to our very popular and lucrative Sport.

Local Crafts and Curious  

Mr Man also neglects to include in his reports the huge spin offs Recreational Anglers bring to lower skilled workers and their crafts. This was calculated in 1996 - 1997 financial year in the region of R65 000 000.00 rand compared to the R75 000 000.00 turn over off the formal sector in the immediate St Lucia Estuary financial hub. I understand that the impact on local indigenous resources is high but to put a handy cap on the customer base does not solve the poverty problem and is merely a Macro Management Style implemented by the previously Advantage to rid their work load of a micro management problem.

Skills development in these areas should have underway many years ago to teach crafters to establish their own resources to harvest and the importance not to harvest natural resources. This is a Hubris failure and not a man made flaw that should be corrected by lazy Government Officials looking for the next Kentucky Drive Through. 

Any Way that is my six pence and the angle I will keep on hammering over the next few months while I have the exposure created by Mr Zaloumis management style of The Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park and the lack of Empathy towards species and bio diversity protection.

    Petrus Viviers

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Moenie my kom Tos vertel nie

St Lucia Estuary

Mens Gemaakte Ekologiese Ramp 

Water Vlakke hoogste in lang ruk

Die eie ek ... mens mag mos niks in die dorp se nie dan word jy gekruisig. So lank die hoog heilige beskerm word. Ek is jammer niemand staan op en stap saam my die pad om verdere slagting te voorkom nie. Dus word dit nou my geveg. Wel ek het niks meer om te verloor nie. Aangesien die 'n Wêreld Erfenis gebied is kan ek in Hongkong gaan woon en nog steeds 'n mening hê. Die gesondheid en welstand van die gebied rus nie op 'n paar wanne bees se vermoeë om kak te praat nie. Ek het net soveel reg soos die volgende persoon.

St Lucia gaan gebuk onder droogte, maar die see het baie water. In 2000 was dit 'n mens gemaakte besluit om die mond toe te stoot. In 2007 was dit 'n mens gemaakte besluit om die mond toe te stoot. Die kanaal wat die Estuarium en die see verbind het in 2015 was 'n mens gemaakte kanaal en was nie volgens daai mens se voorgeskrewe bestuursplan, soos Dr Barry Clark aan ons voor gehou is in 2013, gegrou nie. Geen insette van MY kant af was aangehoor gedurende 2015 nie. Die aanloop van die ramp was voorspel. 

Deur die afsterwe van die See Lewe in die meer nou af te maak as n natuur ramp is kinderagtig en uiters onprofessioneel. As mense wat in beheer is ophou om Rekenaars Spelletjies met ons pragtige erfnis (As julle so wil ... my pragtige erfnis) te speel en bietjie meer op die strand kom sal hulle self kan sien hulle jaag kak aan en dan nie sluwe boelies huur om mense soos ek stil te maak nie.

Julle mors julle tyd en julle geld om te dink ek gaan ophou om julle aan die publiek uit te lewer. Daar is net een manier hoe die ding uitspeel. Gee die hengelaar sy reg wat hom toekom en hou op kak praat in n poging om die meer dood te maak....

Lionel Pretorius Net so in Zululand. Hluhluwe dam 19% vol. Lake St Lucia "world wetlands heritage site" vat 180 000 vierkante water en 30% vol alle selewe so te se uitgesterf. Ons bid vir oorvloed reen deur die land. Amen
Reply11 minsEdited

As jy jou gewete wil sus Lionel sal jy baie meer moet bid my vriend of begin die waarheid praat. Ek is nie dom nie. Ek gaan nie weg gaan nie. Die stryd vir die werkende Estuarium gaan nie ophou nie.  Hoe langer julle met julle mens gemaakte leuens aanhou hoe verder gaan die park in anargie verval .... Dis n onvermydelike politieke uitkoms. Dit word Demokrasie genoem. Ek skryf nie die toedrag van sake en die uitkoms nie. Ek lig net die feite uit vir die mense wat voor gelieg word.


         Petrus Viviers