Tuesday, January 10, 2017

62 Million Reasons Not to trust Andrew Zaloumis

iSimangaliso Wetlands 
St Lucia Estuary 

Now let us open the books with taunting Andrew with his National Mass Media manipulation and still the truth pops up in Google's top 10 Searches. See Andrew while you where slumbering in your office the past 16 years I set out to save St Lucia Estuary from you. 

The fact that you read this proves that I am very well positioned to expose you. And way let us get to the facts. St Lucia Estuary is a marine system. You will have to proof with facts that Nollie had different plans for it.

See Andrew we are worried about the way you apply your power to manipulate us... The public... We are not that stupid nor are we that squishy. Let it be know... You have done more damage to this eco system in 16 years than all the anglers that ever fished it. So Andrew thr fish you killed will be used against you. We the angler's of South Africa will see to it.


Petrus Viviers 

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