Thursday, January 19, 2017

Paradise Under Pressure

Paradise Under Pressure
ISBN 1 86812 277 8
Alan Mountain

Inside Cover
"Maputaland stands at the cross roads. It's unspoiled Golden Beaches have witnessed the ancient annual ritual of turtle breeding since time immemorial."

Now this word candy continues for pages on end. Also the referring to this area as a wonder.

So the name change is very befitting from Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park to iSimangaliso Wetlands Park, but that was before World Heritage Status. In 2012 it was Scientifically proven that this splendour was lost.

Today the tree canopy that hid humans from the Turtle Breeding Beaches has been destroyed by light pollution. Something nobody is taking notice of as the hunger for glamour destroying this wonderful Heritage through Hubarism.

The newly founded CTO helplessly captured and dragging St Lucia Estuary, the town, away from the majestical ambiance that it was forged in over generations. People's might proving to be the only measurement that progress has to adhere to.

The splendour swallowed. 

    Petrus Viviers

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