Thursday, January 12, 2017

We have reached Insanity - Bierpens vs Zaloumis

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

Andrew Zaloumis

St Lucia Estuary Drought

The Price of Greed

This is the lies abuse and bully tactics we, the public, has to endure in a effort to safe our beautiful pristine Greater St Lucia Wetlands System. Today my blood is boiling because very powerful people keep on putting me down ... I wanted to tell my story to a Court of Law, but Andrew is to yellow bellied to take me on a third time. Clearly he now knows what I am up to ... So by the power vested in me I will expose him and Mike Bower for defrauding the public from their rightful inheritance and rights to this World Heritage Site.

Mike Bouwer It's spelled save.......... UNESCO is the body who declared it a World Heritage Site and use it worldwide as an example of sustainable management which includes local communities, so sending a petition to them when it is them who audit the Park seems a bit odd. It's also The iSimangaliso Wetland Park, not the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park. It was renamed when it became the first World Heritage Site in South Africa and was signed into law by Nelson Mandela. "Nature at it's best. Untouched." hmmmm...Except for 19 disparate parcels of land under land claims, 18,000 ha of gum plantations, destroyed wetlands bisected with forestry roads and levies, the legacy of a failed dredging attempt with an estuary mouth hardened with concrete, the threat of mining and cattle herding on the eastern and western shores, and thousands of hectares of alien plants. Oh, and, no buffalo, elephant, lion, wild dog, or cheetah. No coherent road system, no formalized day visitor sites, no water for animals during drought conditions, no thriving tour boat industry, no thriving game drives or turtle tours, no increase of 4,000 related jobs. And so on........ So I guess you are right! It is safe! Thank you for pointing that out to us!

Firstly Mike employing security companies to take over jobs is not job creation. It is purely employing someone out of the region that was done by people from within the region. So how many jobs did you guys really create and how many was merely replaced and how many was destroyed?

But let us get down to the facts at hand because this will end here even if it does not end well.

Killing For Money

 Estuarine ecologist Nicky Forbes holds up the remains of a barracuda found on the bed of the St Lucia estuary this week. Picture: Amanda Watson
Estuarine ecologist Nicky Forbes holds up the remains of a barracuda found on the bed of the St Lucia estuary this week. Picture: Amanda Watson

From the article  -
(Ero 7 500 000.00)
As the carcasses of fish and shells show, little survives these conditions. iSimangiliso Wetland Park CEO Andrew Zaloumis said an initial spend of R10 million – courtesy of grant money from the Global Environmental Facility and the World Bank – will see nearly 100 000 cubic metres of nearly 65 years’ worth of dredging, dumped into the estuary to close off the feed from the uMfolozi, reduced to slurry and pumped back into the ocean by Cyclone Engineering Projects.
After the initial work, there’s another R20 million to continue if the progress is good and the work done to specifications, Zaloumis says. It is key to remember the St Lucia estuarine system bed is below sea level, which means once opened, the uMfolozi River will continue to obey physics by flowing from a high point to a low point.
Good news from the iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority is that the World Bank has invested additional funds to restore Africa’s largest estuarine lake.
Last week, the authority signed two new contracts, valued at R23.41 million each, with T&T Marine (Pty) Ltd and Scribante Africa Mining (Pty) Ltd. Both contracts will run until the end of June and are for the loading, hauling, tipping and disposal of material obstructing the natural flow of the uMfolozi River in the mouth area of the Lake St Lucia Estuary.
“This brings the total value of iSimangaliso’s Lake St Lucia restoration project to R62 million,” said iSimangaliso Business Director Terri Castis.
This is on top of the 1999 US$9 500 000.00 for the same project. Just to point out. Andrew instructed the manual closure of St Lucia Estuary mouth in 2000 and 2007. This after it has natuary breached. Bull shit baffels brains they say. How stupid can any individual be to prey on my Dyslexia and cheer this death and destruction ...

The Futuristic Park
Automated Gates - Automation is job creation?
Engineered Bridges - Keeping Nature intact?


We all grew up next to a functioning Estuary and know what life was flourishing in the system. How vibrant the shallow waters were at dusk and dawn. We remember the lovely open space that we could all enjoy. Nature at it's best.…

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