Friday, February 03, 2017

Beware of overselling iSimangaliso - False Advertising

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

The Status has changed in 2012

To Claim the 1999 World Heritage Facts is False 

Today is 03 February 2017. Back in 2012 the health status has officially changed from pristine marine ecosystem to Class E Estuarine, basically a mud bath. Lodge Owners, Advertisers and Tour operators can no longer offer the health status at time of World Heritage Proclamation as the point of reference in their marketing. People want to get their money worths. For domestic tourist it means a whole year of saving. For the International Tourist it mostly mean a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Many people are deeply disappointed that they can no longer drink a sundowner on the beaches like way back then. Unfortunately it does not stop there. Back in 2012 The Scientist employed by Andrew Zaloumis has admitted to the degradation of the system healt. In 2015 a total collapse incurred when the Estuary dried up completely due to a sudden wind direction change. The Total Aquatic Marine Biomass was lost. Currently The St Lucia system no longer presents the functioning of an Estuary.

With this came a decline in the biomass off bird species that frequent the Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park. (iSimangaliso Wetlands Park). The road infrastructure and hides has impacted negatively on the sense of space. Prior to World Heritage Status you arrived at a mystical point. It was more about the journey than the destination. Today everything is so clinical First World Development. nothing is majestic or mythical any more. You see your destination a mile away and you drive on tar roads and cement highways to get there.

So people just a word of caution. Please inform you clients
  1. Reduced Parking Spaces
  2. No more Sundowners
  3. No more Marine Biomass
  4. Reduced Bird Biomass
  5. Non Functioning Estuary
  6. Random Mission Rocks Access Closure
  7. Elephant Road Blocks costing R500.00/vehicle
  8. Men in Camo Uniform searching private vehicles
The list may be longer. This is the key futures the public express their concern about.

    Petrus Viviers

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