Sunday, March 12, 2017

The enormity of Soil Erosion

When Smart catch his boss

Born 2 Fish

Over many years it has proven that Anglers and Hunters are the most level headed conservationist under the sun, but Dear Mr Zaloumis disenfranchised us. Now he has much bigger fish to fry. #Conservation101 was started to teach people they are all just puppets and stupid emotions normally cost the environment more than a few animals and fish caught annually. Yes you may think, as a snow flake, you have the rights of emotions on your side, but the World is over populated and people will eat. You can either protect the habitat and feed them from it. Or Huge Corporations will over run the habitat and feed them from that.

Snow Flake ... the choice is yours. I will gladly go for the Hunter Gatherer Scenario, but as all humans are .. if I can't have so can't you. Plain and simple. Hope people realise this next time they get all emotional about a little fish or a Rhino Horn being Sold. Yes I am not stupid. I am all for conservation, but the luxury of Conservation is expensive. If you don't fund it or starve it's funds some one else will find better use for the Real Estate.

Short and Sweet. Andrew Zaloumis and Valimoosa disenfranchised a World recognised customer base and it will be relapsed with another more lucrative more powerful customer base. 

Thank You

Snow Flakes      

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