Friday, March 03, 2017

Where has the water gone?

Public Perception

Managing The Truth

"Due to the nature of mass media the truth is irrelevant". - Captain Paul Watson

Well that is not quite as simple as that. Paul Watson has made a life out of managing public perception through emotional mass media statements. Yet nothing he does is relevant in saving the planet. Japan still kill whales. Some species of whales has become the rodents of the ocean and we are still very much emotional about Trophy Hunting.  Social popularity dictates that we have to be the Alpha Sheep to be acceptable. 

In order to save the Planet from greedy people and that includes Paul Watson, we have to embark on a fact finding mission. For many years a big concern was where does the water go. Well the answer is smoked screened in wind directions, evaporation and even tidal movements. So let us forget about all that. Let us focus on Mathematics. Something we can compute with out expensive computers to do the algorithms. 

To pump sediment from the beach we need to do it at a flow rate of 7 litres of water for every 1 kg of sand. Now that is easy to calculate how much water you need if you know how much sand you have to move. So the question begs it self to be asked. Why does one start with a water born sediment removal program in the begging of the winter (April 2016) in the height of a drought? The asthmatics is basic (Sediment Volume x 7 = Water Displacement).

Any way so the project was set at 11 years for completion. This was clearly not acceptable because in January 2017 mechanical equipment was brought in to move 96 000 cubes of sand. This is at the height of the Turtle Hatching Season.

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St Lucia Estuary Hatchlings
But it did not stop there ... a total of 19 dump trucks and some excavators and bull dossers was incorporated to complete the next phase of the rehabilitation plan. Today it seems that the excavators has run into some difficulty digging out the mud from the previous iMfolozi River Flood plain. Any farmer can tell you that mud is the seal of a dam. Now the Estuary is no dam. but something has to keep the water above sea level. Sine the current water table is 1.2 meter above mean sea level. 

Some more food for though will be coming this way soon.

   Petrus Viviers

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