Sunday, July 23, 2017

23 July 2017 - Estuary Current Condition

No Rehabilitation in Sight

Purely Man Made Manipulation

Photo by: Petrus Viviers
               083 584 7473
To claim that this is rehabilitation is total bullshit. It saddens me that UNESCO supports this lie. This is man made manipulation of the truth. Nothing Less Nothing More. It is believed that Mr Zaloumis is well spoken in the art of manipulation. One resident claims that Mr Zaloumis has disclosed to him that as long as you give people hope you can manipulate their support. Well since he is a self proclaimed Gun Runner off the ANC Regime it is clear that he is walking their walk and talking their talk. He also seems to be very good at it.

Well I never though that Conspiracy at this scale is possible, but neither can I believe that all this is a coincident. True it could be that the major role players in the Industry is oblivious to what they are part taking in or it could be that they stupid enough to be manipulated. Either way we have to be careful on who we give our public support to. 

Photo by: Petrus Viviers
               083 584 7473

Now I am not one vetting for public support, but it is clear some one has to state the facts regarding fishing and angling rights and environmental management and affairs. The final evidence that produced my Mr Richard Pen-sawyer on behalf of the state  that permanently closed our recreational use of 4x4 vehicles on the beach ... was a little crab that lived in the mud banks between the iMfolozi and St Lucia Estuary. Since the assistance of this little  crab is so insignificant to iSimangaliso Wetland Park and UNESCO I personally don't see any reasons to keep 4x4 Recreational users of the beaches any more.

Further this bull shit of Catch and Release as per World Best Practice needs to be addressed. The Recreational Fishing Industry is the fastest and biggest out door sport in the World. We are handing our rights to share in this Industry to By Catches on Huge Trawlers that indiscriminately over fish our coast lines or quotas allocated to them on biggest bribe biggest quota system. This has the result of the Recreational Rock and Surf angler that has to over compensate in allocated bag limits and over regulated fraternity.

Bruce Mann for one is totally biased towards over regulating the Recreational Rock and Surf Angler.  It may secure a well funded life style for him, but it is robbing a well balanced poor and under fed society all along the coastal regions. This has pulled the plug on many Domestic Tourism ventures around the country and with its most devastating impact on rural and remote destinations.

We must re think on who we give our public support to. Public perception plays a major role in decisions making. If we do not know what the facts are we should not get involved.

By Petrus (Bierpens) Viviers
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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Fishing Report SA - St Lucia Estuary 22 July 2017

Fishing Report SA
St Lucia Estuary

Today the people were catching a shark bigger than 300 mm at Ingwe Beach St Lucia. They also caught some nice size Grunter and cob yes Dusky kob but they were mostly undersize people had to return them. The weather was very nice and we could see with the mist early this morning it would have been a great day for shad fishing.

Some people it easy for the bicycle boxes more than once and they called much more than the quote for the extra fish where retuned  safely to the water. We hope that on Sunday and Monday the fishing will just be as good.

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By Petrus Viviers

Friday, July 07, 2017

St Lucia Estuary - Ingwe Beach/View Point

iSimangaliso Wetland Park

06 July 2017

Finding Sea Lice (Mole Crabs)

St Lucia Estuary Beaches has an abundance of Sea Lice or rather let us stick to the correct word, mole grabs. This is an excellent bait and so far has proven to be very abrasive, unlike the ghost crab, to human interference both in the Catch Ment of iMfolozi River and beach users along the Coast Line of Southern Africa. both the Ghost Crab and the Mole Crab are very sort after bait by the Recreation Angler, whether they hook and cook or catch and release angler.

Over the past 40 years there has been a dramatic decline in the Ghost Crab in the areas between Maphelane in the South and Mission Rocks in the North. Even the Southern beaches of Cape Vidal. The Anti 4x4 Lobbyist has placed the blame squarely on the Recreation 4x4 beach users, but the past 17 years it seems that my early predictions it has more to do with affluent water run off from the iMfolozi River carry more weight than very expensive manipulated scientific reports.

I call all Scientific Reports, even the very expensive GEF funded Unesco supported iSimangaliso funded research as manipulated. With hard copy evidence to support my claim. No Scientific report can be bias, because the scope off reference is pre determined and in the case of iSimangaliso very aggressively managed by Andrew Zaloumis and Terry Custard. 

Any way let us return to the main focus of the entry.

Fishing Report SA 

While Andrew Zaloumis mechanically manipulate the Estuary's natural functioning with GEF funding and UNESCO support ... We will have zero Phytoplankton Production along the East Coast of Africa. It seems these people uses failing Lagoon systems as points of reference as models for long term Estuary Management and blame the decreasing fishing population on Recreational Anglers, but refuses to publish the findings of human contraception usage as a factual implication. 

But yes. Bell Pottinger's, Victoria, has proven to us that money above God's Creation.