Sunday, August 27, 2017

3 - 5 November 2017 Special

We have an excelent Romantic weekend break away planned for November 2017. Including Estuary Boat Cruise, 2 Breakfasts, Game Drive including


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3 - 5 November 2017 Special
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We have an excelent Romantic weekend break away planned for November 2017. Including Estuary Boat Cruise, 2 Breakfasts, Game Drive including Lunch and a Saturday Romantic Dinner for two in your Apartment.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

4u2Stay - Villa Mia Self Catering Apartments

St Lucia Estuary 

Self Catering Accommodation

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park


Villa Mia Holiday Flats
Self Catering Accommodation
St Lucia Estuary
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061 523 5104

St Lucia Boat Cruises
The main attraction in St Lucia is by far the Estuary Boat Cruise to see Hippo and Crocodile. This is a World Wide Tourist Attraction and every one should go on it least once. Well at least once every Holiday Season. 
It is fun to keep up with the baby Hippos life cycle as they mature and accumulate scars into adulthood. The Male fracas for dominance and their territorial demarcation of  the Estuary, Mud Flats and Grasslands.

Deep Sea Fishing 
The second biggest Tourist Attraction is Fishing and probably Deep Sea Fishing. The local skippers/charters have a vast knowledge on where what species is hiding and most launches result into successful catches. 
Young and old find this a very attractive, although a very expensive proposition. The results of the pure adrenaline experience is worth the price. 

Recreational Rock and Surf
The foundation that paved the way to The Tourism Industry in St Lucia Estuary. Still the one place that bridges any gap between father and son and father and daughter. No other sport has mend so many relation ships and no other sport or activities has forged so many patriarchal memories.

Al tough the World Heritage Status has turned their back on this activities/sport, but the fishing fraternity will proof their net worth to the Tourism Industry. Fishing knows no religion, age or political affiliation. Fishing is the best common ground for forging bonds.   

Book your next fishing holiday in St Lucia Estuary. With 4u2Stay and we will make it a memorable one. We can arrange from Shark fishing to spinning and deep sea fishing. 
We are all Born2Fish and forced to work. 

Flat Fish and Shark fishing is very popular. It is a catch and release sport and the anglers tak pride when releasing these lovely specimens. These fishing can be done on medium tackle from 11kg upwards. Mostly on sliding, but also on a very interesting rig called a dingle dangle.  

Very unique way of setting a hook with bait hanging from the hook. Also very effective way of catching the bottom feeders like sand sharks and rays. The best bait for large sharks is sand sharks and rays. People swim almost any thing to catch big sharks. Even 20kg Kob, 30kg Sand Sharks and more.

Vila Mia is very centrally located in the Small Town of St Lucia Estuary. Offering cozy comfortable self catering accommodation to the family holiday maker. Villa Mia is one or two bedroom units sleeping four or six people. Pricing is done in such a manner that it includes school going children in the base price. House cleaning is available to any guests at their request. Self catering is concept that lives in the hearts of all Travelers and holiday makers. We all want our space and privacy.

About Villa Mia

Villa Mia consists of 25 sectional title Apartments and is sold out to individual owners. These owners treat these apartments as investment and their home away from home. When one sleeps here it is as if you are sleeping over in some one else's house. Holiday Letting through Sectional Title is not a commercially driven enterprise, but rather a unique opportunity to stay over as a guest in some ones house.

Self Catering means take your own food and toiletries. Make sure you bring your own towels.  Keep the Apartment clean like you would have your own home. Remember you living inside some one else's dream and they offer you the opportunity to share in it. Please report all breakages to 4u2Stay so we can replace it as soon as possible in an attempt to give the next guest sharing this self catering Apartment the same valued experience. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

St Lucia Estuary - Current Conditions

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- Mouth Not Open -
- Fish is on the Bite -

Let us face it. there is no way that one man can steal the splendour of our heritage. These beautiful Golden beaches was occupied by our ancestors for over 200 years now. Changing it into a money making racket will not diffuse our yearning to practice that what we are all well know for.  There is just one thing left to do. Let us enjoy the abundant spoils of our heritage and learn to live together in peace and harmony.

The one thing that is an upside of the destruction, "rehabilitation my arse", brought to us was the total collapse of the off shore prawn trawling Industry. Never before was such a large variety of fish caught from our beaches all year round. It is clear that the net trawling by catches can now grow into  record breaking monsters. We, the Rock and Surf anglers don't need to carry the blame by the likes of Barry Man and his band of merry men.

Photo on Available on Blog
The only thing that still boggels my mind is why can we not drive on the beaches. I mean that must really sit well with Mr Valli Moosa. He totally destroyed an economy and took the right of the "previously disadvantaged" away from the, to experience the great life style that whites had during the Apartheid years.

Yes I am referring to the use of Recreational 4x4 vehicles between the low water mark and the high water mark.

I mean look at the extensive "rehabilitation" or as I like to call it ... dam building process that UNESCO undertook to redirect the iMfolozi river. Let us be fair once again. At least the back pressure is such that the iMfolozi retains it's flow a lot longer and we can have drinking water a lot longer in our taps now that it does not run straight into the ocean any more.

So let us recap the destructive restoration process.
  • We now have a man made dam wall separating the ocean from the Estuary. 
  • That was allowed in a sensitive area where we never drove but the reason why we where banned. 
  • We don't have millions of prawns in the Estuary any more, but Bruce man can't blame the recreational angler any longer for something we could never achieved. 
  • We can't drive on our man made beach surface, but our catch size and verity has increased ten fold. 
  • We have water to drink and shower in, but we still concerned about the Estuary being open. 
The long and the short is the Estuary will not be functioning like we know it for at least one maybe two generations. This will have a catastrophic impact on Global Warming. Since there is nothing we can do to force UNESCO to return our functioning Estuary, we can only enjoy the spoils that derived from the management plan. 



- Dirk Nortje -
King Fish early August
Kobus Potgier
Garrick Early August
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