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All The Kings Horses all The Kings Men

The Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park

iSimangaliso World Heritage Site

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Petrus Viviers
I am known in the blogging community as Whitey .. aka ... A Whiteman or else Bierpens. I have been called many names and loads of attributes has been bestowed upon me for being a proud white man living in a Zulu dominated region of south Africa. 

The Zulu Nation and it's people can fend for themselves, but that does not mean I will stand up against my own people and other cultures trying to create hate and animosity between Zulu's and the white people of the province.  

For this reason I am very vocal about protection of Zulu Culture Tradition and Religion. For my quest is to not enslave mild tempered and well mannered people. My quest is to create a future for our Children to live and thrive in. To leave them a Green Heritage to be proud off.

For this reason I fear Andrew Zaloumis and Terri Custard not. They are manipulative puppets who think the world is scared of them and their legal actions money can buy. I am not. I never imply something I do not have proof off. I never judge a book by it's cover but merely by it's action. If this is offends you then I am very sorry. 

History of Greater St Lucia 
The area use to and still belongs to the Zulu owners that have been stepped upon and humiliated through centuries. With them came a hand full off other nations trying to build a future for our children. This was the vision of the British Thrown to bring stability to the area when they proclaimed Game Reserves in 1895 in the Northern Regions of kwaZulu Natal.

This was done because the white man especially from British descend use to cull animals almost to extinction. This had a favorable outcome for both man and beast. The next 50 years went down almost smoothly and negotiations panned out to include more and more property in the conservation areas, but the people where left on the borders of these park poor and hungry.

Somewhere around the 1950's three wise men stood up and started changing this. It was a painstakingly process. They had flack from every body including Governments that came and went. The growing demand on Sugar Cane became a great threat. It so happens that major Wetlands was over run and today Nature can not function properly because of this. 

This is a man made scenario and needs man made interventions. By the early 1970's the Sugar can farmers built a South and a North pier to help the scouring effect. They did not have the technology not the wisdom of tidal movements and sediment built up we have today, but for the next 10 years St Lucia Estuary Mouth was healthy and fertile breeding, spawning and nursery for fish stock of the area. 

St Lucia Estuary, the town, and the tourists routes leading through the heart of Zululand started blooming. Craft markets supported families with up to 16 members per family and children received education through hard physical work from their parents. Communities was build and empires was forged. an Empire was the ability to employ people not to build houses and own expensive German vehicles. 

Any way for many years St Lucia Estuary mouth was managed by the very Organisation that was forged by the three hard working dedicated men. Natal Parks Board. Their mandate was to protect conservation and squeeze the highest economical yield from it with out suffocating it. Tourism in the area bloomed. People where interacting with cultures and religions.

In 1999 Some one decided to make Andrew Zaloumis park CEO. He brought with him a team of two. Terri Custard and Mike Bower. This trio dismantled the whole spirit of Sustainable Utilization. Teamed up with Vali moosa and closed the beaches. Yes this was a blanketed National Ban, but they knew that it where going to have the greatest impact on the Zulu Kingdom. a Strong Hold the ANC Government could never muster enough control to un seat their ancient Zulu enemy. 

Andrew Zaloumis claims he is a born and bred Zululander, but for 18 years all his policies was to enrich his own, not necessarily white, but his fellow Greek kin. This has left Zululand begging for food, health care and help 18 years after he received a mandate to bring the riches of the park back to the people. Andrew Zaloumis failed in so many ways I can not put it into writing in one blog entry. 

He even single handed re wrote The World Heritage Act of South Africa to rule out any historical rights certain user groups had in and around the park. This was the very Spirit of World Heritage Status that he abused his political powers to change. Sadly these people in power was only driven by their self fabricated hatred off white people. This blinded fury invoked racial segregation unknown to the Zululand Region and Racial hate was imported via Capitalism. 

This Andrew is not the Zulu way and you know your father, Nollie Zaloumis is watching down on you. Take your trio and move on. Damage is done. Give us a chance to build on the great legacy your father has left us. Let us give back the management of the park to the custodians that was mentored under your fathers love and dedication. 

Thank You

Petrus Viviers

PS. God guides my fingers over my keyboard. No legal team or public pressure will make me stand down. This is God's paradise. We should treat it like that. 

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