Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Proposed New Management - iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

The Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park

iSimangaliso World Heritage Site

Micro Management of Hubris'm 

a Top heavy management structure has proved to be an epic failure. The Estuary mouth is left in ruins. The owners of the northern and Southern Regions of the park is furious and where plummeted into poverty. What ever riches World Heritage status brought to our door was purely to enrich a very small portion of elite. 

This is the legacy that will always follow Vali Moosa and Andrew Zaloumis, World Renowned Conservationist and populist leaders.

What we need know is to return the ancient wisdom of The Zulu to the region. For this we need to rely much on the support of The Zulu King. Only he can combine the two World once again. 

1722 - St Lucia Estuary, the town, proclaimed as settlement. Proof of this is in the title deeds of Petermaritzburg.

.... skip a few ...
In 1895 The Royal Thrown of Britain proclaimed several areas in The Heart of Zululand as Protected Areas. Those who think it was done to keep the Zulu out was mistaken. The blood lust of the white man for the wild life of Africa could not be quenched. 

... skip a few ...
1948 ... Ian Player, George Hughes and Nollie Zaloumis started combining their efforts and formed Natal Parks Board. They relied heavily on local Zulu knowledge and kinship to widen their base and interact with wild life and the people who loved nature so much that they built respect for it into their culture and religion.

They forged bonds, entered pacts/deals with ruling tribal heads and forge the most beautiful Game Parks in the World from nothing and very little funding. The secured World Renowned Turtle Breeding beaches with owners of the coastal properties. The spend time, slept in the field and brought the Black Rhino back from the brink of extinction. 

Their team of Game Rangers grew by the day. 

... 1994 ... 
The end of Apartheid was forced onto a very young immature Democracy. Sadly the Honey moon of the gange over was short lived and the Struggle Fighters become slave owners. Enslaving people from all cultures and all walks of live. Today we sit and stare at each other with hate and dismay. The haves and the have not's.  We are on the brink of hating each other.

1998 Vali Moosa placed a very fatal blow to the Economy of the Zulu Kingdom. His blanketed National Beach ban reaped havoc through out the coastal and terrestrial regions of what we knew as
Zululand. The ANC Government enslaves the proud Zulu People with child and other support grants. a Once self sustained culture has become nothing more than ANC beggars living from day to day. While these over lords grew fat in their own little world of Corruption and Political Ideologies.  

The Way Forward 2017 and Beyond
To safe these lovely protected areas, The Zulu Kingdom needs a massive Cash injection. The South Africa Government has been Financially Crippled by The Zuma/Gupta Government. There is no other way to generate cash flow other than by creating opportunities.

  • Ideally Separate kwa Zulu Natal From South African Parliament
  We don't need lies and political turmoil. We need stable leaders with Wisdom and Vision.
  • Open the Beaches to Recreation Vehicles
Do this and their will be an immediate explosion of free running cash into Zululand. Crafters will sell their traditional Cultural Curios. This will buy the Leaders and Policy makers time to rethink the Social Economical Structure and plan away out of the Mess Vali Moosa and Andrew Zaloumis left the Zulu Kingdom in.
  • Remove The Top heavy management Structure 
Dismantle the Zaloumis legacy by removing the reminanse  of the Trio from Office. Put a capable Financial/Admin Manager in place to run the team.

The Team 
  1.  The foot patrols on the Ground
  2. The Sector Supervisors 
  3. The Team Leaders per Sector
  4. The heads of Terrestrial and Marine
  5. The Scientist 
  6. The Admin Mangers 
Like all well functioning Zulu operations a team is managed from the Grass Roots Up ... Shit is fertilization and should be used as such. It is not a Roman Law that it should run down hill. If you are at the Top You must have earned it through hard work and experience. Nor because your father did such.

We at the final of the moments of an ancient legacy. The Only way to revive it is to bring the knowledge still roaming the Park as Rangers to the table and start building from the ground up. These people are not only in contact with the land owners and users, they are also the ones that know, see and understand the need of the plants and animals that feed on them. 

This is the way The Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park, Mkuzi, Undumo and Thembe was created and run over the past 100 years with the Hluhluwe/iMfolozi Game Reserve. It worked so well we had a site beautiful enough to proclaim it as a World Heritage Site.

We have this last chance to safe it. Do Not Screw it Up

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