StLuciaOrgZa Android App
The App is created with a verified application for Android Downloaded from Google App Store.
However this is no guarantee that this app is fail safe neither virus free. The intention of the App is to create a safe platform where all amenities and product owners can show case their products on one place for all to enjoy.    

Since the proclamation of the World Heritage Site status in December 19999 many management discussions has been altered and it is clear that not only has the traditional domestic Tourist been cut out of the future equation, but the management of the Park has become so financially top heavy that it is rapidly becoming a play ground of the Rich.

My name is Petrus Viviers and I have been a resident of St Lucia since 1976.

With very few amenities St Lucia has always been about nature conservation and fishing. Last Elephant was hunted in the early 1950's.

My drive is to keep Scholar Educational programs going. To keep the Heritage of our children intact and to keep the park affordable for Domestic Tourist of all Race an Cultures.

Petrus Viviers

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