Estuary 101

Estuary 101 

When a River meets the Sea

Heaven Meets Earth

a Must Watch For All Nature Lovers

No where in the World, other than South Africa, does Conservation Authorities care so little for Estuary Health. For 16 Years St Lucia Estuary has been exposed to World Heritage Status now and never has it been in such a poor state of Despair. Why is current management claim that Dredging was a disaster? 

Estuarine health is measured according to the organisms growing or not growing in them. Lost of Estuarine System. We have lost the Estuarine system under UNESCO World Heritage System and was recognized by scientist at the end of 2012. We had a haphazard attempt to move sediment as per the 2013 Management plan. Within the first 3 months every member of the public knew that the claim that the Estuary will be open by October 2016 was a lie. The Reason was simple. Every kid that ever builded a sand castle in their life could explain it. You cannot liquefy sea sand.

Here is "My Public Participation"

If my dyslexic mind can unravel this mystery how  come is the Hydrologist paid by The iSimangaliso Wetland Park cannot do this we have a serious problem with our education system.

Seriously this information was given to me to me by late Noel Gally. He was one of the first Dredge masters that dredge the Estuarine system back in the 1950's. (I was about 11 years old). Sadly Mike Bower has disclosed that the current management sells Past Experience as Failure. Now my point is. Late Mr Gally was a self taught Mechanic. He had no hydrology degree. His Dredging operation of the 1950's  is the only depressions left that left small pockets of water during the "drought of 2015".

Estuary 101

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