The Size (256 000 ha)

St. Lucia was forcefully transformed from a buzzing little fishing village to a quite Tourist destination. All the products on offer and the pure size of the park frustrate booking agents merely in the industry for a quick buck.

For Travelers coming to the area must under stand that there is no transport infra structure and short of rent a car the only other option is an organized group tour or Local commuter services. Since 1996 the worst part of running a blog or web site is attempting to help travel agents to concoct a package they can swing for a profit to some destitute traveler.

There is a large number of tour guides and tour companies that offer fun packages at a high level to paying customers.

From Maphelane in the South to Kosi Bay in the North is about 270 km.There is no road going through the park so a traveler must drive into Mphalane from the N2 (85km) then back to the N2 to drive to St. Lucia Estuary (27 km), the Southern most entrance to The Wetlands, before one can embark on a trip to Cape Vidal (38km) for some swimming, fishing and snorkeling.